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Charles Harte asked 3 years ago

I have a feeling that AdBadger won’t be useful to me as an author. By writing here, I hope to be proven wrong. 

For some reason, authors on Amazon have been treated like the ugly-stepchild by Amazon when it comes to AMS. We have a lesser version of the AMS interface that doesn’t not include the ability to see keywords from auto-targeted campaigns. It wasn’t until a couple months ago did we have the ability to filter negative keywords, access to “phrase” and “exact” matching, and we have no ability to see “downloads” from the Kindle Unlimited service. 
I’ve spent some time going over the AMS API documentation, (In a prior life, I was a LAMP developer.) Unless you guys have access to a different API, I don’t see anything that can help. I tried applying for API access but was denied because, “Unfortunately, the API does not support advertising campaigns for books.”
There are tens of thousands of indie authors that spend millions of dollars each month on the crappy version of AMS for authors. 

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