Can a category change yield more ad impressions?

Amazon PPC QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCan a category change yield more ad impressions?
Chris Hubbard asked 2 years ago

I listened to the podcast episode on indexation and think this may be my issue. I created a PPC campaign for a new listing with no reviews but have not been able to get very many impressions despite my bid being 4-7X above the highest suggested bid. One of my ad groups is a product targeting campaign where I put about 170 different ASINs related to my product. I have my bids set to 0.97 on many ASINs that have a suggested bid of only .02 as well as being at 2-6X the suggested bid on all higher suggested bids. I’m still not seeing many impressions. The campaign has been running for about 2 weeks and has a total of 77 impressions for my keyword ad group and 680 impressions for my product targeting ad group. If I search some of my keywords in an incognito tab, no sponsored product ads show at all for the keyword. My ad doesn’t show despite my bid being very high and no other ad competition.

I have made sure that I have all of my relevant keywords in my title, bullets, backend and have set my daily budgets high. The reason I’m thinking the category could be a huge factor is that the majority of similar/related products are in the Books category while I listed my product in Scientific & Industrial. The “Sponsored products related to this product” on my listing page are primarily items from the Scientific & Industrial category and are completely unrelated to my item.

My question is, should I message support and ask them to change my category to the same sub category as the related items in this niche? My item is an audio product but I believe it would still work in the Books subcategory of these other items.

Sorry this is so long, just wanted to make sure I provide enough details to draw a conclusion from. I’ve been pulling my hair out over this for these past 2 weeks. I would sincerely appreciate any advice or insights you can offer. Thank you for taking the time to look at my question!

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