robert asked 1 year ago

Searching blog and podcast for recommendations on DYNAMIC BIDDING. I am finding info on Bid+ from 2018 but need to better understand the distinction. we are setting up a number of campaigns and defaulting to DYNAMIC BIDDING UP AND DOWN. because it seems logical to generate traffic. the disqus blog pops up but requires a separate registration? tried to sign up but it said my email was already in use. not sure why the blog would just not use the adbadger ID since I am already logged in or maybe it is. dazed and confused. that would make 3 ID/passwords required here in my first week in the badger den. the rodent popup does not seem to have the answers. the podcasts are phenomenal – going through all of them. have not yet found anything specifically pertaining to dynamic bidding. there must be an easier way to search a couple years of audio.

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