How to use keywords for Amazon PPC?

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The Badger Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi! There are many ways to maximize relevancy for keywords. As mentioned in other comments, you can set up an auto campaign and wait a few weeks to collect data and plug winning keywords into manual campaigns and bid higher.

After you’ve done that, you can block negative keywords that don’t convert. I call this the Research, Peel, Stick, Block (RPSB) method. It works great for just getting started with Amazon PPC.

So as we discuss RPSB, let’s define keyword relevancy.

Keyword Relevance: serving ads on terms that have high CTR’s and high conversion rates. The Research-Peel-Stick-Block (RPSB) framework creates a keyword graduation system that balances keyword discovery & keyword control.

Since you’re using your automatic campaigns for “keyword-research” and finding out the best terms people are searching for your products, and then graduating those best terms into an exact match manual campaign that is bid optimized, you are naturally going to increase your impression share for terms that are relevant (high CTR and high conversion rate).

When it comes to branching out to the other match types (something I call manual research for sponsored products)… You also have to keep keyword types in mind.

There are three keyword match types:

1. Broad2. Phrase3. Exact

If you have experience with a marketing funnel, these keywords are easier to explain:

Broad Keywords could be a search a customer is performing when they have a general idea of what they want. This could be considered as a top of the funnel (TOFU) search. These keywords are the cheapest and least competitive because the customer might just be window shopping. You’ll find lots of long tail here, similar to an automatic campaign. You STILL want to do the RPSB method here.

Phrase Keywords are keywords that appear in a common phrase that customers might be searching when looking for something a little more specific. This could be considered a middle of the funnel (MOFU) search. You’ll find less long tail keywords than you do with broad, but the tradeoff is that your research will be more controlled.

Exact Keywords are specific keywords you want to bid higher on because they’re more competitive. These keywords might be your brand name or a product that’s really specific. These keywords can be competitive and more expensive, being at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) and converting the best – this is your “winner’s circle” of keywords.

To get the most out of your keyword bidding, you want to organize your bids based on this funnel. You don’t want to overbid on TOFU words or underbid on BOFU words. You want to bid high on keywords that are most likely to convert. This is why your bids should be managed on a regular basis.

So to answer your question, maximizing your keyword relevancy starts with proper keyword research and knowing which keywords convert the best and matching them up with a marketing funnel to make the most out of your bidding.

Here’s a full post on matching your keywords to the marketing funnel.

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