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Join the Badger Den: Social Media Assistant (Part Time)

About Ad Badger

Ad Badger is the smartest, most effective SaaS tool that Amazon Sellers use to automate and optimize their advertising campaigns. We’re hiring a Social Media Assistant to help The Badger grow bigger, stronger, and more ferocious.

Amazon Pay-Per-Click advertising accounts for 10-40% of a typical Amazon Seller’s Business and is the fastest growing digital advertising network – the 3rd largest behind Facebook and Google. Ad Badger’s software improves advertising ROI for Amazon Seller Businesses through automated bid algorithms, keyword management, campaign optimization, and education.

Ad Badger is currently enrolled in The Brandery Startup Accelerator and is moving at warp speed. We are on pace to 6x our users in 2019 compared to 2018.

We ultimately want to provide the most advanced Amazon Advertising Technology to Amazon Sellers: complete with machine learning and self-improving algorithms. 

quick specs

  • Part-Time (~5 hrs/wk)
  • Remote OK
  • WordPress, Social Media
  • Large Scale SaaS
  • Supportive Team Looking to Grow Together
  • Friday Team Lunches
  • Fast Moving, Fast Growing Company
  • Competitive Salary Based on Experience

Why Work with Ad Badger?

  • We have a team-centric work environment: We believe a company can’t grow long term or provide solutions to our customers if our team is discouraged and doesn’t find the work fulfilling. Our leadership and team members care about each other as people and are committed to doing quality work.
  • Genuine Desire for Your Success: We spend time planning realistic timelines, autonomy, attention to detail and appreciation to craftsmanship. We believe quality is the most important feature.
  • Management Respects The Development Process: We never micro-manage, always encourage independent thinking and understand what it takes to develop quality content. There is mutual respect on our team and management will always go to bat for our team.
  • A Learning Environment: Our team is encouraged to learn new skills. Ad Badger has limitless opportunity to grow in unforeseen directions that will help build a more advanced tool.
  • An Environment to Exercise Creativity and Solve Exciting Challenges: Whether it’s publishing episodes for the world’s first Amazon PPC podcast or uploading content to our YouTube and Social Media channels, Ad Badger has challenging, rewarding work to provide its marketing team.
  • Have a Voice: We don’t promote silence and conformity. If you present more important problems to solve, or more efficient and effective ways our current problems, we listen.
  • Celebrate Victories: Ad Badger is growing fast, so you’ll be able to celebrate wins (large & small) as we see the tangible impacts of technical work on a small team.
  • The Work Matters: We’re creating tools that will impact the 3rd Largest Digital Ad Platform for 1,000’s of Amazon Businesses to use. Our users entrust us with millions of dollars of ad spend, and it’s our responsibility to optimize it well.
  • Move Fast: Work won’t feel like you’re dragging 100-pound weights around. We’re here to move fast and aim to avoid engineering bureaucracy.
  • Few Legacy Constraints & Wide Open Areas to Explore: We know the fun is sucked out of maintaining clunky legacy systems. We’ve got an open road ahead.

Skills We Need

  • Passion for content marketing and all things social media
  • Short form writing experience for podcast summaries, YouTube video descriptions, and social media posts
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Typing speed of 70+ WPM
  • Experience with WordPress and content editing plugins
  • Innovative mind set, staying current with trends and finding new and better ways to distribute our content
  • Interest or experience in PPC is a huge plus
  • Impeccable communication
  • Comfortable with small, fast moving teams

Role Functions

  • Listen to podcast episodes and write show notes & summaries
  • Edit/update current blog posts and media
  • Request thumbnails from our designers for YouTube, Podcast, and blog posts
  • Upload and distribute content across all media channels
  • Communicate and coordinate with video & sound editors

Sound like a match?

 Ad Badger is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.