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The Badger is Hiring a

Social Media Specialist

We Need a Social Media Specialist!

When you scroll online, do you notice why certain images captivate your attention and others don’t? When you read captions, do you dissect interesting copy? Don’t you just love how engaging on social media can build real human connection? 

If you’re nodding, then we want to hear from you. We are looking for a strong Social Media Specialist to join our team and grow our social presence.

We Are Ad Badger.

You’ve never heard of us?! How rude! We’re only on our way to being THE go-to Amazon PPC tool, community, and training platform. No big deal.

We have the fastest-growing Amazon PPC blog and we’ve launched the world’s first Amazon podcast. We are proud of these endeavors, and as a new member of Team Badger, you will play a key role in contributing to our growth and retention.

The Badger cares about quality.  Expectations will be high, but your workload will always be fair and manageable and your contributions will be openly appreciated. 

If you believe that passion, team-work, and variety are the spices of life, this job will be an excellent match for you.

Your typical work-day will involve handling our paid social promotion, tracking KPIs, managing our social calendar, interacting with users, engaging with our Facebook community, looking for social partnerships, and operating our main platforms and our CEO’s main platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for now). 

You will collaborate with our team to tell our story and design our future.

Staying organized, flexible, and proactive are all essential to this position. 

You are our ideal candidate if you have experience in graphic design, copywriting, and social media. Extra points if you have B2B experience– but not the stuffy and corporate kind, the low-key and fun kind.

quick specs

  • Part-Time Position (Starting at 10 hours/week)
  • Remote (Available during CST)
  • Friendly & Social Team Environment
  • Hourly Pay Based on Experience ($18-$27 per hour)

Why Work with Ad Badger?

  • We have a team-centric work environment: We believe a company can’t grow long term or provide solutions to our customers if our team is discouraged and doesn’t find the work fulfilling. Our leadership and team members care about each other as people and are committed to doing quality work.
  • Genuine Desire for Your Success: We spend time planning realistic timelines, autonomy, attention to detail and appreciation to craftsmanship. We believe quality is the most important feature.
  • Management Respects The Development Process: We never micro-manage, always encourage independent thinking and understand what it takes to build quality software. There is mutual respect on our team and management will always go to bat to our team.
  • A Learning Environment: Our team is encouraged to learn new skills. Ad Badger has limitless opportunity to grow in unforeseen directions that will help build a more advanced tool.
  • An Environment to Exercise Creativity and Solve Exciting Challenges: From working on new Bid Algorithms that will impact hundreds of thousands of bid auctions or building faster, more reliable ways to process our optimizations for our users – Ad Badger has challenging, rewarding work to provide its technical team.
  • Have a Voice: We don’t promote silence and conformity. If you present more important problems to solve, or more efficient and effective ways our current problems, we listen.
  • Celebrate Victories: Ad Badger is growing fast, so you’ll be able to celebrate wins (large & small) as we see the tangible impacts of technical work on a small team.
  • The Work Matters: We’re creating tools that will impact the 3rd Largest Digital Ad Platform for 1,000’s of Amazon Businesses to use. Our users entrust us with millions of dollars of ad spend, and it’s our responsibility to optimize it well.
  • Move Fast: Work won’t feel like you’re dragging 100-pound weights around. We’re here to move fast and aim to avoid engineering bureaucracy.
  • Few Legacy Constraints & Wide Open Areas to Explore: We know the fun is sucked out of maintaining clunky legacy systems. We’ve got an open road ahead.

What We're Looking For

  • Is remote. We expect you to work during Central Standard Timezone hours.
  • Is a strong communicator. You will write our social media copy, design our social media graphics, and engage with our users. You are terrific at being concise yet playful.
  • Has a passion for content. You’ll share Ad Badger and Amazon PPC News to our users, followers, and potential new clients via social media.
  • Is a self-guided learner. You like staying up on the social media trends and you know how to design content, both graphics and copy, for each platform.
  • Shares what they learn. You like learning, and we like learning too! We believe in providing courses, content, webinar, and other shares to bolster our team.
  • Is organized. You will follow and create a social media strategy calendar for each platform we use (predominantly LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), and you will consistently create graphics, create copy, and post to each platform.
  • Is warm, friendly, and fun. You like people, and you have the confidence to provide basic customer attention to quickly answer their questions.
  • Is ambitious. We have a culture of excellence, and you should too.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Is a lifelong learner. If you don’t get excited about how businesses digitally connect to other businesses, then this position isn’t for you. We’ll ask how you stay up with the trends in your interview.
  • Has strong online communication skills. Do you know how to Control-Tab between browser tabs? Is your WPM sky-high? Can you convey a friendly, confident attitude through an email?
  • Has salesmanship. We are only as good as clients and prospective clients think we are. When things go well, can you create content linking our work to increased performance for social? When things aren’t going well, can you show our vision for improvement to the world?
  • Is ethical and honest. Period. We are proud to talk about what we do and who we work alongside at the dinner table with our families.
  • Has an “empty cup.” There is no time for egoistic know-it-alls. Understanding how to be knowledgeable, confident, and humble are core tenants of our company culture.
  • Is technologically inclined. You don’t need instructions on how to take screenshots and you’re interested in faster ways of doing so.

A Day in The Life

  • First, you’ll check in with the team. Are there new updates to share?
  • Then, you’ll check in with our following, community, and hashtags. Where can we give support? Where can we fortify our tribe? Are they sharing anything that we should re-share?
  • You will connect regularly with our CEO for updating his personal work accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn. You will collaborate with him and post in his tone and style.
  • Finally, you’ll create and share content for each of our platforms. You’ll optimize SEO and hashtags as necessary.

Sound like a match?

In an effort to maintain transparency and offer you a sort of timeline, here’s what to expect during the application process:

  • You apply and complete a digital interview using the button below. Give this step your best effort because we expect many applicants and competition will be fierce.
  • If you are a strong candidate, we will schedule up to three (3) follow-up video call interviews.
  • We will conduct reference checks and background checks for the top candidate’s.
  • If you’ve made it this far into the process, we like you, and we’ll want you to join our team at your earliest convenience!

 Ad Badger is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

Fantastic! Your special Facebook Group invitation is on its way to your inbox. We can’t wait to see you in The Badger Den.

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