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You don't have to be a PPC pro to lower your ACOS and boost revenue with our powerful Amazon PPC software and resources.

Get the keys to unlocking a more profitable amazon campaign, without any of the stress

A powerful toolset to manage, automate, and monitor your Amazon campaigns around the clock.

Our Amazon PPC Software Tool will ensure that you always have the right bid, no matter what is happening in the market. Our platform allows you to manage keywords, bids, and campaigns better, with the right strategy. No previous PPC knowledge necessary.

Save money, retain revenue, and protect your profits.


Account Navigator Tool

Quickly add new campaigns or keywords directly from inside Ad Badger, just like you would inside Seller Central, but twice as fast. We also added other time-saving features like a Jump-Search, loads of inline editing not found in Amazon, and more.


Bids by Badger Bid Optimizer Tool

We analyze millions of bid changes every week. Our bid optimization algorithm will apply new bids every single day based on your trending data to help you hit your target ACOS. Never wonder what’s happening with our full bid change history.​


Negative Keyword Finder

Quickly attack your search term report and find unprofitable or irrelevant searches. Add them as a negative keyword in seconds.


Negative Keyword Automation

Set up a safeguard to protect your account from unprofitable spend in 2 clicks. Every night, the Badger will automatically scan your search terms to create new negatives based on your rules.​


Positive Keyword Finder

Kickstart your Amazon PPC Keyword Research.  In a few clicks, quickly identify keywords that converted to your campaigns.


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Meet Ryan.

After using Ad Badger’s strategies in his campaigns and letting Ad Badger’s Amazon PPC Tools optimize bidding, he saw life-changing results. Ad Badger helped him get clear on how to effectively manage and grow his PPC.

<<  Find out why Ad Badger was so life changing for Ryan.  

The right tools for more profitable Amazon campaigns

Profit-boosting bid optimization at the click of a button

Our bid optimization tool uses a proprietary bid algorithm to analyze your conversion data, respond daily with micro bid adjustments, and hit your target ACOS. 

An end to wasting money on keywords that don't convert

Our negative keyword tool scans every single keyword in your ad campaign over the past six months, finds all of the inefficient keywords, and auto-adds them as negative keywords. Reap all the benefits without any effort.

Additional Perks designed to help increase your revenue

Curated Private Forum

Meet kindred spirits: communicate, share, and brainstorm with other Amazon marketers, business owners, and brand managers. We’ve curated an exclusive professional community focused on Amazon growth.

Amazon PPC Academy

We simplified the most important Amazon PPC concepts to help you mitigate any risks in your strategy. Our academy makes Amazon advertising easy to learn and takes the guesswork out getting more paid traffic.  

A Step-By-Step SOP Archive

COMING SOON: Step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures for all-things relating to Amazon Advertising PPC. Scale and optimize, just like your trusted PPC professionals at Ad Badger.

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