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Ad Badger is a Direct Line to More Profit, Better Service, and Happier Clients

Software Helps you Scale

Amazon Professionals have a lot to do for their clients.

  • Weekly Negative Keyword Research
  • Weekly Bid Optimization
  • Weekly Keyword Research
  • Prepare Reports
  • Educate Clients & Train Your Team

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve also got customer support, phone call check-in’s, and salaries of your own to pay.

What if you could get more done in less time?

Ad Badger helps your team manage campaigns better – 

get done in seconds what used to take hours.

Ad Badger can help you save dozens of hours per month

Task Managing Time for 20 ClientsWith Ad Badger
Negative Keyword Management20 Hours per month0 Minutes
Bid Optimization35 Hours per month0 Minutes

For 20 clients, just these 2 tasks take 55 hours a week. Ad Badger runs this for you, nightly, based on parameters you determine.

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  • Insight into our platform
  • Knowledge on how to automate your Sponsored Product Ads
  • Education on how we can help your business scale
  • Information on everything Ad Badger can do to help your business
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