Negative Keyword Finder

Crushing negative keywords, made so much easier


Negative Keyword Finder Tool

Quickly attack your search term report and find unprofitable or irrelevant searches. Add them as a negative keyword in seconds. 

Save Time, Save Money

The Negative Keyword Quick Attack plays no games. Find all your non-converting and irrelevant searches in seconds, and quickly add them to your account. 


Say goodbye to Spreadsheets

Never download a search term report again. Revolutionize the process to find massive savings in your account in seconds. 

Transform the Process

Ad Badger allows you to turn a list of search terms into an interactive analysis. Unlike the slow process with Amazon’s campaign manager, you can now scan, sort, filter, and add new negatives simultaneously. 


Negative Keywords, Supercharged

It takes an average of 2 minutes a week to scan your entire account, find unprofitable search terms, and add new negatives. 

Turbo Charge your negative keyword process