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We offer 3 levels of Account-Crushing Action:

(currently available for U.S. Amazon Stores only 🇺🇸 )
  •    Campaign Size
  •    5 Minute Optimization Set-up
  •    Bids By Badger: Automated Bid Management
  •    Negative Keyword Automation
  •    Visual, Detailed Reporting
  •    Rapid Campaign Management
  •    Amazon Ad Types Supported


$107/ month
  • Best for small accounts, up to $1,000/month on Ad Spend
  • Sponsored Products


$177/ month
  • Perfect for medium accounts, from $1,001/month to $25,000/month on Ad Spend
  • Sponsored Products


$497/ month
  • For high volume sellers, spending over $25,000 on Ad Spend
  • Sponsored Products

All Ad Badger Plans Include These Core Functions:

  • 5 Minute Optimization Set-up
  • Secure, Private Account Sync with Amazon
  • Automated Bid and Negative Keyword Management
  • Rapid Campaign Creation
  • Easy instructions for achieving a goal-smashing account
  • Seller Central Sponsored Product Tools

Need More?

Ad Badger now offers Managed Amazon PPC Services. Let our experts do ALL of the hard work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re new to Amazon PPC or have a small niche. Don’t worry, we thought of you. 

We have a special low-price plan just for accounts that spend under $1,000 a month. It’s full of all our advanced optimization that will save you time and money every single month. 

Grow your Amazon Store and rest well knowing your lightyears ahead of your competition.

Ad Badger has some of the best developers working full time on making it stronger, faster, and more powerful. 

We can crunch through accounts with millions of keywords and thousands of products. Our software is built for speed and power. 

There isn’t an account we can’t handle. We can process your data, automate it, and give you actionable insight faster than any Excel Spreadsheet. 

Of course. Every plan we have is month to month. 

The Sponsored Products Dashboard doesn’t have any of the advanced automations and algorithms that Ad Badger has. 

Users on our “Basic Badger” will automatically move to “Essential Badger” when they crossover $1,000/month in their campaign spend. 

Yes, of course! Ad Badger is easy to use and perfect for beginners. Amazon PPC is difficult for everyone, but using Ad Badger can simplify the process and provide guidance to PPC greatness. 

Amazon PPC is tough. Badgers are tougher. Badgers aren’t afraid of eating venomous scorpions. They sure as hell aren’t afraid of keyword optimization.

Start a FREE trial today and let The Badger start ripping unprofitable campaigns to shreds.