Negative Keyword Automation

Saving wasted ad spend has never been easier


Negative Keyword Automation

Rest easy knowing The Badger will be scanning your campaigns for misbehaving, unprofitable keywords. We’ve seen some accounts waste 40% of their ad spend on terms that never converted.

The Ironclad Protector of Your Wallet

Ad Badger will hunt for – and remove – misbehaving search terms every single night. Never find another unprofitable search term in your account again.


A Proven Time Saver

The Badgers scans your account and adds new negative keywords daily so you don’t have to. 

“Never-Negative List”

Have a search term that might trigger your automation that you still want to appear for? The Never-Negative List prevent the automation from adding a search as a negative. 


Full History (Coming Soon)

We report on exactly what was added, when it was added, and why it was added. Never wonder what The Badger is up to.

Start getting back that wasted ad spend today