Amazon PPC Coaching

Custom tailored coaching for business owners, marketing teams, and agencies.

What You Get

Stop struggling with free content and mass-produced courses.

We know it is difficult to translate theory and coursework into practice without guidance for your unique business.

Enter Ad Badger’s Amazon PPC Coaching.

We teach you how each PPC theory directly applies to your business. Your all-in-one coach and PPC Expert advises you where to focus within your account, what techniques to try and avoid, and offers personalized recommendations for making important decisions to your PPC campaigns.

Your All-in-One PPC Coach & Expert

Our coaches love talking about business and PPC strategies. Your coach offers feedback on your existing campaigns, assigns homework for maximizing your account’s optimization, and helps you focus your next point of prioritization.

Have questions about your homework? PPC emergency pop up before your next scheduled call? Don’t worry, our coaches don’t just assign you homework and leave you to it. They are available to help you via e-mail within one business day.

Empower Yourself and Feel Confident With Your PPC.

Empowerment is the fuel that pushes us forward and offers the courage to follow our wildest dreams, and that is our main objective for you. We want to empower you to take your PPC campaigns to the next level, and then to the next level, and then to the next– You get the idea.

Because our coaches are so thorough and offer custom feedback, you will gain the confidence in yourself to make your own PPC decisions. You won’t rely on us forever! We will give you the tools so you can independently operate your PPC campaigns when you’re ready.

Other Deliverables

120 Minutes of Face Time Each Month

You will receive two 60-minute calls, or four 30-minute calls, each month, scheduled by you to fit your calendar.
(Need more calls than that? That's okay! Additional call pricing available.)

Complimentary Campaign Audit

Each month, your coach provides an in-depth audit reviewing the homework you've completed and assessing the general health of your entire account to prepare for your next month's strategy.

Customized Optimization Calendar

Your coach helps co-build an optimization calendar custom to your business timeline and goals.


Coaching Fee
$ 2,250 Per Month
  • Minimum 3-Month Commitment

Ready To Transform Your Business?

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