Ad Manager Tool

The Fastest Way to Browse Your Campaigns


The Ad manager Tool

We took the basics of Amazon’s Ad Manager and put a supercharger on it. We designed it for speed and visibility. Quickly get the data you need whenever you want it.

Super Navigator Search

You never knew clicking around your campaigns could be this easy and fast. Super Navigator Search lets you jump into any ad group from anywhere in your account. Instantly jump into any ad group in 1 click, not the 4-5 clicks it takes inside Amazon. 


Master View

This is the smart way to analyze your performance. Ever want to compare how your product is doing in your manual campaign versus your auto campaign? Before, you needed to open new tabs and click back and forth over and over; with Master View, you see every keyword and ad group inside your entire account in one simple list. 

Built for Speed

With Ad Badger, notice instant load time as you move around your campaigns. Combined with Super Navigator Search and Master View, you’ll never want to go back to viewing campaigns the old way within Amazon. 


Smart Columns & Graphs

Ad Badger saves the columns, filters, and graphs you had configured from your previous session. Pick up where you left off without skipping a beat. Start to finish, everything about the Account Navigator is designed to make your life easier. 

Create New Campaigns
(Coming Soon)

Our goal is that all campaign actions may be completed within Ad Badger. Our campaign builder will help your account stay organized and optimized. Whether you have one or 100,000 ASINs, our campaign builder will accelerate your campaign creation.


Browse your campaigns 3x faster than with amazon

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