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The Ad Badger Promise

Bid the Right Amount

Our Bids by Badger algorithm improves the revenue of nearly 2M bids a day.

Never Overspend

The biggest metric that destroys advertising accounts is wasted spend. The Badger has your back.

Not Just Your Software

Book a call with our PPC Experts. Fill in knowledge caps about things like ACOS Power Ratios, match type ratios, or new campaign types.

Fast, Reliable Analytics

Identify trends, areas of opportunities, and Total ACOS by product. We’re always adding more metrics to our app to give you a 360 view of your ads.

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Serious Amazon PPC Software For Serious Sellers, Brands, and Agencies. Book a Demo Call with our Team to Explore Ad Badger’s Features.

Profit-boosting bid optimization at the click of a button

Our bid optimization tool uses a proprietary bid algorithm to analyze your conversion data, respond daily with micro bid adjustments, and hit your target ACOS. 


Have you wasted thousands of dollars on keywords that don't convert?

Our negative keyword tool scans every single keyword in your ad campaign over the past six months, finds all of the inefficient keywords, and auto-adds them as negative keywords. Reap all the benefits without any effort.

Daily Automatic Data Sync with Amazon

Data Freshness Timestamp

More Insight Than Amazon (We include 30-day attribution of Sponsored Products)

Unlimited Historical Data Storage

Pull Up-To-the-Minute Data from Amazon on demand

Visual Confirmation of Synced Data

Pull in New Campaigns on-demand

Automatic Re-Attribution: We download every date multiple times to ensure accuracy

Spotless Accuracy

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Total Sales Per Product*

Total ACOS Per Product

Ad ACOS by Product

Identify Performance of an ASIN by Ad Group, across your account

Organic Sales by Product*

Ad Spend by product

See data reported across any timeframe

Identify products with High or Low ACOS, where they perform across campaigns

Ad Sales by Product

Ad clicks by product

Export Product Report to CSV or JSON

Identify products with high or low Total ACOS,

*Currently, this metric is available to sellers only

Ad Spend Breakdown by Campaign: See the split of Sponsored Brands, Display, and Brands and how it changed over time

Get your ACOS power Ratio comparison for 2 different date ranges for any campaign or group of campaigns

How active is your account? Get a list of active products, campaigns, keywords, and targets (items with over 0 clicks)

See whole-account Time vs Time Comparison to identify trends

See Advertising Trends for any portfolio,  any group of campaigns, a single campaign, or campaign type

1-click report to see how impressions, clicks, ROAS, Sales and more have changed over any 2 time frames, across an unlimited date range*

See bar charts, and line graphs of each metric change over time

Easily export weekly or monthly trends to Google Sheets or Excel and run your own further analysis

See performance grouped by week or month in a simple table & graph (i.e. spend, sales, ACOS comparison table for as long as you’ve been a customer)

Search Term Spend by Order Amount: Find out how much you spent on search terms with 0 orders, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ orders and how it has changed over time

*Amazon allows us to download 60 days of data when you first sign-on

View a quick list of poor performing keywords & targets, and pause immediately

Bid Health Factor: How many keywords have 5 orders or more a month

Bid Health Factor: Average Ad Group Size

See list of Keywords & Targets that have improved ACOS, sales, and clicks in the past 7 days

Track your score over time

See a summary of how many keywords have better ACOS, Sales, and Clicks in the past 7 days

Bid Health Factor: ACOS power ratio for your account

Identify breakout keywords

Bid Health Factor: How much you are spending on keywords and targets with at least 1 order a week

Bid Health Factor: How much you are spending on keywords with 1 order or less per week

Bid Health Factor: How many keywords have 1 order or less per week

Get a Bid Health Score out of 100

The bid health score predicts how easy or hard it will be to hit your target ACOS based on 100’s of hours of analysis

One-Button Push: View all Portfolios

One Button Push: view all keywords

One Button Push: View all Campaign Negatives

Data is across all campaign types (Sponsored Products, Brands, Display)

Identify busy Campaigns: We list number of keywords and ad groups and product ads per campaign

Fine-Tune your bidding: percent increase or decrease bids

Load 500 Rows at a time, fast.

Bulk promote as a keyword or target from search terms

History on History: View any month, any day, any week for years on end. We keep unlimited history on your account

One-Button Push: View all Campaigns

One Button Push: View all Targets

One Button Push: View all Negative keywords

Create time-based chart across 10+ metrics at the same time

Unbeatable Browsability: Jump directly into any ad group’s keywords with Super Search, from any page

Identify Campaigns with no negatives: we list a metric for every campaign

Bulk add-as-negative to search terms table

3 Table Density Settings (Compact, Standard, and Comfortable)

Any combination of filters you can dream of. Example: SHow me search terms over 30% ACOS that do not contain the word ‘shoes’ with between 1-10 clicks inside this specific campaign

One-Button Push: View all ad groups

One Button Push: View all Product Ads

One Button Push: View all Search Terms

Fast & Reliable: Can load 100,000 Search Terms across 60 days in under 15 seconds. It’s fast.

More Metrics than Amazon: Metrics like RPC (Revenue Per Click) and CVR (Conversion Rate) on all tables

Saved Filters: Come back to ad badger and instantly trigger any filter you are looking for.

Bulk Pause or Enable keywords, campaigns, etc

Export a CSV of any table, or a JSON for enhanced processing

Bulk Action on up to 500 items at once

Keyword Precision: Fine-tune your Amazon campaigns by seamlessly incorporating various keyword match types

Enhanced Campaign Control: You can also decide whether to 'block' a keyword by adding it as a negative exact keyword to its source Ad Group

Effortless Search Term Discovery: Follow the easy steps to filter and find the search terms you want to add to your account.

Ad Group Selection: Select the Ad Group where your new keyword belongs and set the starting bid—all in one seamless process.

Enhanced Campaign Control: You can choose from exact, phrase, or broad match keywords, tailoring your strategy to suit your specific goals.

Boosted Campaign Strategy:By diligently expanding your keyword horizons with Quick Attack, you're ensuring your Amazon campaigns capture greater visibility and engagement. It's like having a powerful ally to elevate your strategy effortlessly.

Effortless Duplicate Management: Ad Badger offers a hassle-free solution for tackling duplicate search terms in your Amazon PPC campaigns. Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming processes.

Time Efficiency: Duplicate Hunter swiftly scans through your campaigns, saving you valuable time that can be invested in other critical tasks.

Maximized Sales Potential: Highlight how Ad Badger helps you unlock the full potential of your campaigns by effectively managing duplicate search terms. This leads to increased sales and revenue.

Competitive Advantage: By effectively managing duplicate search terms, you gain a competitive edge in the Amazon marketplace, outperforming rivals.

Performance Optimization: With insights on when to negate or promote duplicate search terms, it aids in optimizing campaign performance for maximum results.

ROI Enhancement: Utilizing Duplicate Hunter leads to improved return on investment (ROI) by reducing wasteful spending and targeting high-performing terms.

Customization: For more advanced users, the tool allows customization. You can create your own negative keyword rules and strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Pre-Built Automations: Advertisers can utilize pre-built automations provided by Ad Badger for quick and effective negative keyword management. These include options like "Block Bad CTR Non-Converters," "Block High Spend Non-Converters," and "Block High-Click Non-Converters."

Overnight Optimization: It works overnight, ensuring that your campaigns are continually optimized by catching unprofitable keywords while you sleep.

Automated Negative Keyword Management: The tool automates the process of identifying and transforming unprofitable or irrelevant search terms into negative keywords within your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Never-Negative Feature: Advertisers can add keywords to the "Never-Negative" list, ensuring that certain keywords are always excluded from becoming negative, providing fine-grained control.

Automated Keyword Graduation: The PKW tool streamlines the process of moving search terms from automatic campaigns to more precise ad group types, such as exact or phrase match, based on their performance.

Effortless Automation Creation: Users can easily create new automations by following a few simple steps within the tool.

Select Source Ad Groups: Users can choose the source ad groups from which they want to graduate and move search terms, providing them with granular control over campaign optimization.

Choosing Automations: The tool offers valuable tips on selecting the right automations, such as targeting search terms with at least 2 orders or more in the last 30 days. This guidance assists advertisers in making data-driven decisions to improve campaign performance.

Experienced PPC Specialists: Customers have access to a team of experienced PPC specialists who can provide expert advice and solutions.

Education and Training: Support includes educational resources and training materials to empower customers with PPC knowledge and skills.

Coaching Expertise: Coaching sessions are led by knowledgeable coaches who can help customers maximize the effectiveness of their PPC campaigns.

Feedback Loop: Regular feedback collection ensures that the support service continuously evolves to meet customer needs and expectations. We’re constantly using your feedback to implement new features.

Tailored Solutions: Support is customized to each customer's specific needs, ensuring that the assistance provided aligns with their business objectives.

Extended Hours: Support is available during extended hours to accommodate customers in different time zones.

Ad Badger has been a huge part of our success. It has not only allowed us to save at least 80% of our time that we would otherwise have spent on PPC activities but It also helped us to improve our results for our clients. It’s an amazing tool that we would never be able to work without again.


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Serious Amazon PPC Software For Serious Sellers, Brands, and Agencies. Book a Demo Call with our Team to Explore Ad Badger’s Features.

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