Positive Keyword Finder

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Positive Keyword Tool

Kick-start your Amazon PPC keyword research. In a few clicks, quickly identify keywords that converted to your campaigns.

Meticulous Controls

Select from a single ad group or search through your entire account. Set your parameters and instantly have a list of keywords to add to your account.


The Keywords You Need, Right Now

We don’t rely on speculation. Get a list of search terms that have proven profitability and know exactly where to allocate your spending. 

Validated Strategy

The Positive Keyword Tool scans through your automatic campaigns and your broad, phrase, and category targeting. With this strategy, you can find new high-potential exact match keywords. This strategy has helped thousands of users increase their sales volume and profitability on Amazon.


Add New Keywords Automatically (Coming Soon)

Have a consistent rule you want to deploy nightly? If a search term converts in Ad Group A, should we create a new exact match in Ad Group B? Automate one of the most time consuming– and profitable– activities on Amazon. 

find new keywords and Increase your profitability

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