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amazon ppc campaign audit

Get an experienced team to analyze your account and provide you with the exact steps to scale your campaigns

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Most Amazon Advertising campaigns never reach their GREATEST potential because they lack a structured game plan.

The Ad Badger Deep Dive Campaign Audit & Strategic Vision

Stage 1:
Interview & Questionnaire

We need to understand the history of your campaigns, your industry, and your goals.

This will be the backbone of our strategic vision.

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phase 2 deep dive

Stage 2:
Account Access & Deep Dive Campaign Audit

We study every nook and cranny of your campaigns.

We look at dozens of areas, including Campaign Structure to maximize volume, Bid Optimization to maximize sales at Target KPI’s, and Overall Strategy.

Stage 3:
Delivery of Strategic Vision

We deliver the prioritized list of strategies to scale YOUR campaigns.

This is a detailed report (usually 6-20 pages, a video review for your team, and a discussion summary). We balance speed of execution, business impact on profit and revenue, and technical roadblocks to clear the path to scale. 

amazon ppc campaign audit

Risk Free Guarantee

We provide a 7-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have a problem with our analysis we’ll help solve it over the phone. If we can’t, you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

We spend a lot of time on these reports, and digging around your campaigns. From the time we get account access, it takes about 5 business days. 

We get added as a sub-user on your Amazon account, with “View & Edit” access to all areas. This allows us to see under the hood efficiently.

Awesome. This is phase 1. You wouldn’t want surgery without the doctor performing his research first to determine the best plan. This is the building of that strategic plan.

For being loyal badgers, paying customers of campaign deep dive get 10% off their software & academy plans. Just send a message to our chat and we’ll take care of you.

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