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NOV. 2019

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We’re loving the Amazon PPC Software. When we started in late October with Ad Badger, our ACOS was around 100%. Then it got down to 58% in November. Then it dropped down to 33% in December and now in January we reached our goal of 18% ACOS! The podcasts you do are game changers. Cheers!

-Mike R. & Matt R., Amazon Seller

You’ve probably noticed that Amazon PPC is getting harder and more complicated.

That said, badgers hate hype. You won’t find any bullsh*t marketing “tricks” at Ad Badger or in our Amazon Advertising Tool.

Straight talk – we thrive on scaling campaigns, moving faster than our competition, and growing profits every single month. 

Our community is different because we know there are no shortcuts. It takes a strong foundation, the latest tested and reliable strategies, a community of like-minded peers to leap past problems quickly, and advanced tools to move at breakneck speed. We’re setting the industry standard.

Welcome to the most advanced Amazon PPC Ads ecosystem on the Internet. Stop worrying about Amazon PPC. Start feeling empowered instead. 

Unleash the power of your inner Badger. 

Amazon Advertising Training

Upgrade Your Amazon Ad Skills

We broke down the most important Amazon PPC strategies in an easy to understand course. Stop guessing on strategy and more than 5 hours of Premium Amazon Advertising Training.

Leap Ahead with a Supportive Growth Community

Communicate and brainstorm with other Amazon marketers looking to scale. It’s professional, it’s friendly, and it’s focused on Amazon Growth. 

When we pool our skills & experience together, we all grow faster.

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Inside the Ad Badger Software

Optimize Your Ads with Ad Badger Software

Use our Amazon Advertising Software Tool to bid smarter than your competition, add negative keywords in a flash and find new profitable keywords in under 10-seconds. Our platform will save you time, and boost revenue, and eliminate wasted spend.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Need More Proof?

Sign Up Today. Here's What You Get.

Access to Our Private High-Level Amazon Advertising Forum

Value $180/mo

We got tired of the spam on Facebook, and built a place for High Level Q&A and discussions with serious Amazon Advertisers. We wanted to build relationships, mastermind, and grow together. Get your questions answered by real people looking to scale. Amazon PPC Professionals from Ad Badger, as well as other Amazon PPC companies participate, too!

New Topics Added and Updated Regularly

Value $170/mo

It’s hard to keep up with all the changes in Amazon PPC. That’s why we do all the hard work for you. We are adding new topics and posting news digests so you are never left behind. Stay ahead of your competition.

4 hrs of our Amazon Advertising Fundamentals Course

Value $150/mo

Our Amazon Advertising Fundamentals has four hours on how to think about your advertising, all the terminology and strategy on bidding, keywords, campaign structure, and optimization. This is required education for anyone looking to grow with Amazon Advertising.

Intermediate & Advanced Topics Updated Monthly for Amazon Ads

Value $150/mo

Some topics need more than a blog post or podcast. We have five hours on how to optimize like the best marketers with a masterclass on Bulk Operation Files.

Amazon Advertising Tools

Value $250/mo

Let our tools do the heavy lifting in your campaigns. Bids by Badger will automatically optimize your bids daily so you can hit your target ACOS. Our Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt will scan through and add unprofitable search terms as negatives. Our Positive Keyword Quick Attack will add converting search terms in just a few clicks. The best part is - we’re pushing new updates on a monthly basis! We’re building the most advanced Amazon Advertising Tools out there!

$900 Value – Starting at $87 / mo

Account Navigator

Quickly add new campaigns or keywords directly from inside Ad Badger, just like you would inside Seller Central, but twice as fast. We also added other time-saving features like a Jump-Search, loads of inline editing not found in Amazon, and more. It also loads twice as fast as Amazon.

Bids by Badger

We analyze millions of bid changes every week. Our bid optimization algorithm will apply new bids every single day based on your trending data to help you hit your target ACOS. Never wonder what’s happening with our full bid change history. Coming Soon: Customizable Bid Algorithm.

Optimization Co-Pilot

Get a weekly email with extra tips on how to improve your PPC Campaigns. It’s like having your own Amazon PPC Manager working hard for you.
(Coming soon)

The Ad Badger
Amazon PPC
Tool Suite

ad badger - amazon ppc muscle

Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt

Set up a safeguard to protect your account from unprofitable spend in 2 clicks. The Badger will automatically scan your search terms to create new negatives based on your rules. Have a term that spends more than $20 without a conversion? We’ll automatically add that for you as a negative. Save money and time.

Negative Keyword Quick Attack

Are you still downloading a search term report on Amazon to look for negatives? Use our interface, view your search terms, filter them, and add new negatives in under 15 seconds.

Positive Keyword Quick Attack

Quickly scan through your search terms, and add new keywords or product targets in record time. In about 5 clicks, you can take a term and add it as an exact, phrase, broad, or product target to a new or old ad group of your choosing.


It’s time you level up your campaigns with software, a better strategy, and a team that has your back.

Find your monthly ad spend in this table to discover our all-inclusive pricing for The Badger’s Triple Threat.

iF YOUR Ad Spend Is

$5k or Less
or $107/mo

iF YOUR Ad Spend Is

$5k - 25k
or $177/mo

iF YOUR Ad Spend Is

$25k or More
or $497/mo

The Badger Effect

Warning: Using Ad Badger May Result in Increased Sales, Amazon Advertising Confidence, and a Sudden Need to High-Five All of Your Friends.

Who is Ad Badger?

We hate the phrase “Amazon PPC Gurus”. Instead, just think of us as a group of people that learn as much as we can about Amazon PPC, share as much as we can, and try to build the very best campaigns out there.

We wanted to build a community that shares the same values we do. We believe in advanced strategy, hard work, and honesty. We want to be your source for all things Amazon Ads. If there is a better strategy out there we didn’t think of – we’re not afraid to discuss – in fact, we want to help analyze it with our community!


No. We have a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just send us a message and we’ll refund your last payment.

Yes. We are a PPC software & PPC education company, but we do manage a handful of clients to keep our skills razor-sharp. Use the chat in the bottom right to learn more. 

You’ll sync your account with Amazon, and then you’ll get your Academy & Forum Membership emailed to you. Syncing your account with Amazon takes about 5 minutes.

We’re more than a tool. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all things Amazon Advertising. Which is why we have community for high-level Q&A, training to stay ahead of the curve, and advanced tools to do the heavy lifting.

What's with All the Badgers?

You need to be fierce, decisive, cunning, sharp, and clever to excel at Amazon PPC. You need sharp teeth and aggressive claws to rip your competition to shreds. You need resilience and determination to test new techniques and improve your campaigns.

In other words…it’s time to summon your inner badger.

Are you ready for our Amazon PPC Accelerator?

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