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With a little PPC love, Rocketbook experienced 448% revenue growth through the holidays and maintained 50% revenue growth afterward. 

Increase in Sales
73 %
Revenue Growth
448 %

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Our platform ensures you always have the right bid, no matter what is happening in the market. Manage keywords, bids, and campaigns better – with the right strategy. No previous PPC knowledge necessary.

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Our bid optimization tool uses a proprietary bid algorithm to analyze your conversion data, respond daily with micro bid adjustments, and hit your target ACOS. 


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Our negative keyword tool scans every single keyword in your ad campaign over the past six months, finds all of the inefficient keywords, and auto-adds them as negative keywords. Reap all the benefits without any effort.

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Ad Badger has been a huge part of our success. It has not only allowed us to save at least 80% of our time that we would otherwise have spent on PPC activities but It also helped us to improve our results for our clients. It’s an amazing tool that we would never be able to work without again.


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