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Paid Search Manager (Amazon PPC)


Join the Badger Den and Shape the Future of Amazon Advertising.
Join our Growth Marketing Team.


At Ad Badger, you’ll join a hard-working team dedicated to helping Amazon marketers and sellers. As a new member of Team Badger, you’ll contribute to growth, conversion, and retention.

We’re considered the go-to Amazon PPC tool, community, and training platform. We have the fastest-growing Amazon PPC blog and we launched the world’s first Amazon PPC podcast. 

The Badger cares about quality.  Expectations will be high, but your workload will always be fair and manageable and your contributions will be openly appreciated. 

If you believe that passion, team-work, and variety are the spices of life, this job is an excellent match for you. Staying organized, being adaptable, and a proactive attitude are all essential to this position. 

Your typical work-day will be varied. During our marketing sprints, you’ll balance anything from creating videos for users, answering customer service tickets, promoting content, and managing accounts.

 Here’s a video from Michael, CEO and Badger BFF: 

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About the Person We Seek

We think strategically about Amazon PPC campaigns and build great relationships with our customers, and you will too. 


  • This is a Remote Position. We’re based in Austin, Texas but this is a remote position.
  • Technical Skills or PPC Skills: Knowledge of Amazon Ads is key, since you’ll be managing ~10 Amazon PPC clients.
  • Excel Whiz: We’ll have you VLOOKUP during your technical interview. 
  • Strong Communicator: You’ll use our Amazon PPC Software to provide 1-on-1 video walkthroughs and account insight. You’re also terrific on the phone with clients.
  • Passion for Content: You’ll share Amazon PPC News with our content team to help build videos for our YouTube channel and blog, both of which are growing double-digit month over month since inception. 
  • A Strong Self-Guided Learner: PPC education never ends. This position will monitor Amazon PPC news and strategy to be sure all of our information is industry-leading. 
  • Sharing What You Learn: We are building Ad Badger to be the Ad Espresso, Moz, Ahrefs, or Wordstream of Amazon PPC. We believe in providing courses, content, webinar, and other shares to help bolster our community. 
  • Customer Support & Engagement: We have a growing group of Amazon sellers, and we  provide quick answers to their questions. 
  • Warm, Friendly, and Fun: You know how to make clients feel comfortable and you provide them with confidence and assurance if things don’t go as planned.
  • A Paid Traffic Champ: There are a lot of PPC managers out there that set up an account and only check it once a month. We’re not one of those PPC-Teams. You love pushing campaigns forward regularly. You are hungry and genuinely excited when campaigns break records. 
  • Ambitious: We are not okay with skipping by. We have a culture of excellence and big goals.
Ad Badger

The ideal candidate

  • Is a lifelong learner that loves paid traffic: If you don’t get excited with a ticket to HeroConf or don’t read PPC News, this position isn’t for you. We’ll ask you what you read and how you learn during your interview. 
  • Has strategic vision: When a campaign doesn’t work the way you wanted, what is your reaction? Do your emotions impact your performance? Are you comfortable building and sharing a strategic vision to map your way out of a performance slump? Can you convey confidence to your clients?
  • Is a great teacher: Can you help clients understand when a dip in CTR isn’t a bad thing? Can you help them understand how an increase in ad spend can lead to a rise in profit related to their target ROAS?
  • Is confident and self-driven: A client wants to roll out an all broad match strategy. Do you have the initiative to hop on the phone with them and the confidence to explain why that’s not a good idea? Are you comforting enough to not make them feel foolish in the process?
  • Has strong online communication skills: Do you know how to Control-Tab between browser tabs? Is your WPM sky-high? Can you convey a friendly, confident attitude through an email?
  • Has strong analytical skills: Do you feel like giving someone a high-five after you create a Pivot Table? Do you know when to use VLOOKUP? When you look at account-level metrics, do you have the urge to dig deeper and find the real reasons for performance changes?
  • Has strong salesmanship: We are only as good as the client thinks we are. When things go well, can you link our work to increased performance? When things aren’t going well, can you get people on board with the vision to improve?
  • Is ethical and honest: We’re proud to talk about what we do and who we work with at the dinner table with our families.
  • Has an “Empty Cup:” There is no time for egos or know-it-alls. Understanding how to be knowledgeable, confident, humble, and helpful are core tenants of our culture. 
  • Is technologically inclined: You don’t need instructions on how to take screenshots and you’re interested in faster ways to do so.

Day in The Life

Ad Badger is an early-stage startup. There are currently three other members of the Ad Badger marketing and PPC team. You will be our fourth!


Below is a sampling of some items you may jump into over a month:


    • Client Support: We provide world-class support. 
    • Customer Videos: We send clients personalized videos welcoming them and showing them around the app.
    • Content Marketing: We’re building the Library of Alexandria of Amazon Advertising. We blog. We podcast. We share on social, and we make videos on Amazon PPC. 
    • Optimizing PPC Campaigns: One of the best ways to stay sharp on Amazon Advertising is to work on client campaigns.
    • Working 1-on-1 with clients: You’ll have a managed-services roster of ~4-8 clients.
    • Brainstorm: We’re a small team, and you’ll have plenty of input on the future of Ad Badger when it comes to product development and marketing.
    • PPC Coaching Calls : In addition to direct-PPC Management, Ad Badger also provides PPC Coaching to cmpanies.
    • Talk about Tools: We are obsessed with technology and how we can build a better app. We study the market, and are passionate about efficiency and effectiveness.

Sound like a match?

 Ad Badger is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

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