Optimized Amazon Product Listing Examples Compared to Similar Flops

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If you’re an Ad Badger reader, you get that optimizing your product listings and your ads can help you get more sales. We don’t need to convince you.

So let’s move right into the good stuff…

Let’s take a look at what successful product listings are doing right and what the failed listings are doing wrong.

But first…

How we’re defining winning products and failed products

The main criteria we’re using is…

  • Number of reviews
  • Top 5 best seller in it’s micro-category
  • FBA small business (not a big corporation that happens to be selling on Amazon)

We’re comparing two sets of two products. One winner and one flop in each set. Let’s get to it!

Comparison #1: Two fitness products

First up, let’s look at two fitness products. Fitness, sports and hobbies are absolutely favorites for FBA sellers looking to create a successful brand because you can come up with so many different products in one branded line and expand your empire ad infinitum.

Plywood box jump – see it here

Stats for this product:

  • #5,136 in Sports & Outdoors
  • #1 in Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Team Sports > Other Team Sports > Track & Field > Jumping Equipment
  • 390+ customer reviews, 4.5 star average

Now, let’s take a look at what makes this product listing page so successful:

Product differentiation is very clear

What makes this product special is front and center in the headline. It’s a 3 in 1 box jump, and no matter what size you buy, you get three different heights to step up onto or jump onto. Right away, it’s clear that this product is different from its competitors and that it is a high value, unique item. Not only is this clear in the headline, but this core differentiator is also given top priority by being placed in the first bullet point. It’s very important to showcase what makes your product different right away. Don’t bury the lede!

High level of stability is easy to verify

There are plenty of unsturdy box jumps for sale on Amazon. This company is smart in making it readily apparent that the box is very sturdy and safe for jumping. Not only is this information in one of the bullet points, but it’s also supported and backed up in the pictures of the inside of the box. Do buyers have objections or concerns about your product. Be sure to address them both with your copy and images.

Multiple use cases

People want to know that they’re getting a great value for their money. This product listing makes it clear that not only are you getting 3 sizes of box jumps for the price of 1, but you can also use it for different purposes. This makes the 3 in 1 sizing even more important because you can adjust how you’re using the product for different uses. If your product has multiple uses, be sure to show them off.

Metal box jump – see it here

Stats for this product:

  • #395,930 in Sports & Outdoors
  • #67 in Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Exercise & Fitness > Accessories > Jumping Trainers
  • 6 reviews, 3 star average


Difficult to read what’s important in the bullet points

Notice how, while the bullet point items are shorter in length, they’re also harder to read? That’s because there’s no terms in all capital letters making it clear in an instant what the customer needs to know. It’s not possible to skim to get the important information. You have to read fully to understand the benefits.

Not special enough differentiation for the price

The price of the item would be fine with customers if there were better differentiation. Reviews cite difficulty assembling and lack of sturdiness. Combine those reviews with the higher price and lack of product differentiation, and it’s no surprise that this product isn’t a top seller.

Comparison #2: Two home decor products

Home products are a category that’s great for FBA businesses because of the opportunity to brand your business, create loyalty, and sell at more premium prices.

The box jump winner had a beautiful enhanced branded content page, but let’s not assume that every successful Amazon listing needs to have really fancy branding. Not at all. There are plenty of listings that sell like hotcakes using the standard elements of a listing, like the headline, photos, and bullet points. Here’s one example.

Modern scented candle – see it here

Stats for this product

  • #4 in Home & Kitchen > Home Décor > Candles & Holders > Candles > Scented Candles
  • 160+ reviews, 4.5 star average


Easy to read benefits that speak to the ideal buyer

Just like with the wooden box jump, including short phrases in all capital letters inside of your bullet point descriptions makes it really easy for customers to immediately see what’s important. The terms in all capital letters quickly hit all the necessary points that the ideal buyer wants to see — it’s long lasting, is eco friendly, has a great scent and is made in the US. Someone who wants a standard grocery store candle with a strong, artificial smell isn’t the ideal buyer and that’s clear.

Trendy, simple design that matches the product differentiation

Design for the sake of design isn’t what’s selling this candle. The modern, simple label is nice, but what matters is what it says about the candle. The label matches the eco-friendly ingredients, which helps buyers know that this a more natural style scented candle that won’t be overly strong or toxic.

Customer-focused title

The title isn’t about the brand or the company. It’s about what the customer wants and is looking for. It’s really easy to read the title and it hits important points about the product, including that the candle is soy, luxury scented, and hand poured in the US.

Embroidered scented candle – see it here

Stats for this product:

  • #2,236 in Home & Kitchen > Home Décor > Candles & Holders > Candles > Scented Candles
  • 3 reviews, 3 star average

The title is difficult to read

Unlike our winning example, this title is nearly impossible to read. There’s a jumble of information. Also, instead of having the name of the fragrance change depending on what the customer clicks on, all of the fragrance options are listed in one single title. Rather than lead with a benefit that the customer cares about, the title leads with the company brand name.

Low quality image

A low quality image forces the customer to assume that the product is low quality as well. Even without hovering over to zoom in on the image, it’s easy to see that the image is very pixelated. The angle of the image is also off so that the shape of the candle is distorted. These sorts of mistakes keep buyers away.

No clear differentiation in terms of fragrance style and level

It’s hard for the buyer to tell whether these are naturally sourced fragrances, artificial or a mixture. Without being able to smell the item, the buyer needs to know (either with branding or with copy descriptions) what sort of style the scent is. Is it very strong? Mild and natural? While the other product gives off an impression of a natural but noticeable scent with it’s branding and copy, with this product it’s hard to tell either way. That means you’re alienating both buyers who enjoy artificial scents AND buyers who only want natural ones.

Differentiation is the heart of an optimized product listing

With your products, you can’t please everyone and you have to pick a lane and make that differentiation crystal clear.

Now that you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, take a look at ALL of your product listings and make any necessary changes. Your sales will increase and you just might attract more repeat buyers with better branding.

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