The Honest Truth About Ad Badger v2

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Today I want to share a special story with you.
The year is 1999. The location is New Jersey. There is a small Italian boy with big eyes peeled on a computer screen, a big beige computer. He is playing Starcraft 1 and drinking Dr. Pepper. Every minute of his free time is immersed in a different sector of the Milky Way galaxy or surfing the web for tools to outpace other gamers.
Fast forward to the year 2009. Still New Jersey. He is a young man with a wispy ginger beard Googling “How to Make Money Online.” He mostly finds rubbish, but he also finds pay-per-click advertising.
game over
It's game over.
The questions he used to ask himself while competitive gaming are apt in this newfound industry: What can I do to outcompete and outsmart the competition? He delights in solving riddles within advertising campaigns.
Now it is 2017. He is a well-traveled, cultured man living in Austin, Texas with his beautiful, smart wife and their kooky dog. He spends the bulk of his time on Amazon PPC campaigns, and he’s regularly peeved by the tools available because none reflect Amazon’s ever-evolving algorithm.
I’m telling you the story of Michael Erickson Facchin. Knowing the true battle on Amazon is being one step ahead of competitors, he launched Ad Badger, and Version 1 is born to mostly high praises.
headline collage
It is, however, unfortunately, buggy. It wasn’t up to his standard.
A lot of the foundational coding of version 1 was created by a developer who didn’t anticipate the size of the mountain they were climbing, subsequently forcing our passionate programmers to work within shotty parameters that could never quite get to the root of the problem.
When we say v2 was rebuilt from scratch, we mean it.
When we say v2 is capable of handling new features more often, that it is faster, that it is easier to use, that it will set the pace for Amazon PPC tools for years to come– we mean it.
We ask ourselves constantly— what is it we would like to accomplish, and what is the strategy we would like to deploy? v2 answers those questions.
v2 is a powerful beast. v2 does everything you would do if you were able to sit in front of your keyboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It optimizes your campaigns as new data rolls in, mirroring the picture-perfect Amazon ads strategy.
v2 does all of the heavy lifting for you.
v2 has been years in the making. v2 is everything we wanted version 1 to be, and more.
We can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. 
Badger out.

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