Ad Badger v2 FAQ & No Such Thing as Silly Questions

silly questions
Is cereal soup? Why or why not?
On the surface level, this seems like a silly question, but it isn’t. It’s complex. To answer it, you must question everything you thought you knew. 
We can’t answer this for you, but here are some questions we can answer about Ad Badger’s v2.


v2: What is it?

v2 is a total overhaul of our app. We rebuilt it from scratch. It’s better, faster, stronger. 💪

What can we expect in the future?

Expect more software updates, more often.
v2 expectations

Does v2 work?

Talk about a silly question, am I right? Does it work? Ha! Asking if Ad Badger works is like asking if badgers are savages. 
Okay, fine; silly as it is, it is a fair question. Perhaps to one who’s never seen badgers in the wild or in nature documentaries, they appear like cuddly, docile creatures. We too can’t help but aw when we see badgers. 
To answer your question, finally, yes, v2 does work. Don’t take our word for it; take theirs and theirs.

How do I sign up?

That’s the question we wanted to hear! First, take advantage of our limited-time launch week pricing (perk ends September 8th, 2020).

This gets you in line. To prevent hundreds of customers signing up on the first day of launch and risk crashing our servers, we are only allowing 50 people the opportunity to sign up each day. Once you’re in line, we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t worry! You are in good paws.

If you’re a current customer of Ad Badger’s version 1 and have questions about transitioning, this guide should be helpful to you.

Ask Us Anything!

Transparency is of high-priority at Ad Badger. If you still have questions about us or v2, please ask away in the comments! Remember: there’s no such thing as a silly question.
Badger out.
p.s. Cereal is totally a soup.