The Badger is hiring:
Join the Sales Squad

At Ad Badger, you’ll join a hard-working team dedicated to helping Amazon marketers and ecommerce businesses. As a new member of Team Badger, you’ll contribute to growth, conversion, and retention.

We’re considered the go-to Amazon PPC tool, community, and training platform. We have the fastest-growing Amazon PPC blog and we launched the world’s first Amazon PPC podcast. 

The Badger cares about quality.  Expectations will be high, but your workload will always be fair and manageable. Your contributions will be openly appreciated. 

If you believe that passion, team-work, and growth are the spices of life, this job is an excellent match for you. Staying organized, being adaptable, and a proactive attitude are all essential to this position. 

Here’s a video from Michael, CEO and Badger BFF:

quick specs

About the Person We Seek

  • Remote: We’re based in Austin, Texas but this is a remote position.
  • Technical Skills: You have experience using CRMs and tracking tasks in Asana.
  • Organized: You can quickly refer to important data, such as who you connected with, when, when to circle back and reconnect, and why they would be an ideal client.
  • Strong  Communicator: You’ll be communicating directly with clients about something they hold in extremely high importance, their Amazon Ad Spend.
  • Passion for Growth: We are transitioning from Founder-led Sales to first Full Time Sales Executive. It’s an exciting time at Ad Badger!
  • Warm, Friendly, and Fun: You know how to build relationships with LinkedIn and Facebook connections.
  • Ambitious: We are not okay with skipping by. We have a culture of excellence and big goals. 
Ad Badger

The ideal candidate

  • Has proven experience: You’ve previously worked in a relevant role.
  • Is confident and self-driven: Do you have the initiative to reach out and engage with prospective clients? Can you gain new LinkedIn and Facebook Connections like moths to a flame?
  • Has strong organizational skills: You can find anything you seek within seconds because you document and execute sales processes so well! You are familiar with Google Sheets and project management tools.
  • Has strong online communication skills: Do you know how to Control-Tab between browser tabs? Is your WPM sky-high? Can you convey a friendly, confident attitude through instant messaging?
  • Creative: We’re a small team, and we’ll need your input on new methods and techniques for growing sales.
  • Is ethical and honest: We’re proud to talk about what we do and who we work with at the dinner table with our families.
  • Has an “Empty Cup:” There is no time for egos or know-it-alls. Understanding how to be knowledgeable, confident, humble, and helpful are core tenants of our culture. 
  • Is technologically inclined: You don’t need instructions on how to take screenshots and you’re interested in faster ways to do so.

Day in The Life

Ad Badger is an early-stage startup + Ad Badger sells both software and managed services. 

Below is a sampling of what a typical day may look like:

  • Handling Inbound Leads: Ad Badger has an incredibly popular blog & podcast in the Amazon Advertising space, which means we have an influx of leads.
  • Targeted Outbound Campaigns: While we have steady inbound leads, we also see opportunities with thoughtful outbound strategies.
  • Lead Nurturing: Maintaining relationships with prospects.
  • Comfortable on Camera: Sending thoughtful, personalized videos enriches email exchange with a prospect.
  • Networking: We aim to make Ad Badger a brand that our customers know, like, and trust. 
  • Continued Education: Technology and strategy move fast, you’ll be expected to keep up with the latest training and blogs to keep us ahead of the curve.

Sound like a match?

 Ad Badger is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

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