Ad Badger is the smartest, most effective way to manage your Amazon PPC.

Increase Revenue and Tame Your ACOS with Ad Badger

Memes aside, Ad Badger is the smartest, most effective way to manage your Amazon PPC.

Amazon Sponsored Products in Seller Central can help grow your Amazon Store, but it shouldn’t take hours every week to optimize.

Ad Badger helps you get more done, in less time. Whether you want to automate your campaigns or perform rapid manual optimization, Ad Badger if the smartest way to work on your campaigns.

Work SMARTER, not harder.

Improve Your Workflow

Never spend another minute wondering what to do in your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads.

Let Ad Badger be your Project Manager.

Our Workflow Dashboard ties together all of our tools and gives you a step-by-step plan of attack for perfect Amazon Campaigns.

We worked with an agency that has professionally managed Amazon PPC for 5+ years to give you a task manager that tells you exactly how to optimize your campaigns.

Spend less time wondering what actions to make, and spend more time on what matters.

Replace Seller Central

Whatever you want to do inside Seller Central to manage your ads, you can now do instantly inside Ad Badger.

Thanks to Badger Sync, our campaign navigator allows you to take any action you would do inside Seller Central to manage your ads.

Our Campaign Navigator is so fast you’ll never want to use Seller Central to manage your Sponsored Products ever again.

Don’t Stop – get it, get it

Bids By Badger

Our bidding algorithm, “Bids by Badger”
is the most advanced Amazon PPC Bidding system available.

Bids by Badger accounts for all kinds of situations that Amazon Sellers find themselves in…

Whether it be high converting terms, auto-campaigns, low-data keyword and beyond. Bids by Badger automatically adjusts along with your conversion rates so during periods of high conversions, you can capitalize and maximize your sales.

When Black Friday rolls around, you know you’ll maximize revenue. During slower times of year, we’ll automatically reduce costs to control ACOS.

Powerful Keyword Management

Stop spending time looking at your search terms report in excel.

Ad Badger has everything you need to manage keywords and search terms.

No matter how advanced your strategy for how you incorporate Automatic and Manual campaigns is, Ad Badger will dramatically speed up workflow.

For those who want automation, The Badger has smart negative and positive keyword tools.

For those who prefer manual optimization, The Badger can display terms based on your parameters in an instant.

What are you waiting for?

Balance Automation and Manual Optimization

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become expert-level in something. Ad Badger has a leadership team with almost 50,000 hours of pooled Amazon PPC Experience.

This experience has given us unique insight into what makes great Amazon PPC strategy.

For Amazon Sellers that want a hands-off solution that provides immediate improvement and growth over time, The Badger can automate every part of your Sponsored Products.

For Amazon Sellers that prefer manual optimization, The Badger can give you the information you need to make smart decisions instantly.

Great Amazon PPC strategy is at the heart of Ad Badger. The tool allows users the fastest way to build and expand your campaigns.

It’s time: