Amazon Weekly Digest: Week of March 26

Amazon Weekly Digest: Week Of January 29

This is your host, The Badger, providing you with the top Amazon news stories this week. Welcome to Amazon Weekly Digest!

This week, Facebook’s value is down $80 billion as the #DeleteFacebook movement rages on, Trump attacks Amazon, and Amazon updated their API reporting capabilities.  

Amazon recently enhanced their API reporting capabilities with a new report named “Other ASIN report”, along with advancing two existing reports with new metrics for Sponsored Product Ads. The new update took place last Thursday (3/15/2018).

Here’s the full message below:Other ASIN Report Message

The purpose of ASIN reporting is creating meaningful takeaways and now the new reports will help you do that more efficiently with the new metrics.

Here is the full list of metrics you can now receive for your Sponsored Product Ads:

Sponsored Product Ad Metrics

And here is the new metrics you can receive for your Product (Display) Ads:

Product Display Ads Metrics

In other Amazon news:

Image courtesy of The Verge

Talk about marketing to millennials. Amazon is discussing creating checking accounts for teenagers to use on Amazon with JP Morgan and Chase.

Image courtesy of CNBC

Ad Badger’s local Whole Foods in Austin, Texas was just decorated with signs that offered 10% off for Amazon Prime members. A Whole Foods spokesperson stated this was a trial campaign and the signs have been removed.

Amazon PPC update

As a part of its housekeeping services, Amazon has been hiring in-house (get the pun?) cleaners instead of relying on contract working.