12+ Updates in Ad Badger’s v2: Most Powerful Amazon PPC Software

12+ Updates In Ad Badger’s V2: Most Powerful Amazon PPC Software

Amazon PPC is an ever-evolving landscape with infinite opportunities of growth, and we want your business to scale with it.

You want ONE Amazon PPC tool to use consistently without hiccup, hesitation, or worry. One tool to save your money, protect your profits, and keep your ACOS under control. That is what version 2 of Ad Badger delivers.

v2 is designed explicitly to help you retain revenue and grow.

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Here’s a list of special features launching with v2:

  • Bids by Badger— it was re-coded from scratch! It features a pre-built algorithm that applies new bids daily so you always hit your target ACOS. You can also make bulk changes with ease. Want to set a filter on increasing bids by a certain percentage whenever something gets 10+ clicks and one conversion? Great, now you can do that.
  • Our new Account Navigator is faster, smarter, and easier on the eyes.
  • Our new Negative Keyword History is fool-proof. It contains pre-built rules to prevent accidentally using a keyword that’ll waste your money. Add these to existing ad groups to save mega-money. 🤑
  • With our Positive Keyword tool, add converting search terms to an ad group and significantly reduce what used to be a time-consuming and tedious research process.
  • Meet your new right-hand, the Badger Co- Pilot. It sends you personalized recommendations, optimization reports, and valuable insights to take your Amazon PPC campaigns to infinity and beyond!
  • The Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt is fresh and refined. In two clicks, you can safeguard your account from unprofitable spend. In version 1, it was the fastest way to get the app to pay for itself, and in v2, the same will be said.
  • What about your Sponsored Brand Ads, do you want to 10X those? Heck yeah, you do, and now the ability to automate bidding optimization, automatically adding negative keywords for unprofitable search terms, creating and editing new campaigns and headlines for creatives, as well as download enhancements for Sponsored Brands Search Term Reports with up to six months of data will be in your hands with our new feature, Sponsored Brands Support. (Oof, that’s a mouthful!)
  • Our Dashboard presents clear, concise instructions, so you won’t get confused about how to use your new favorite app.
  • Dark Mode: v2 has it. ‘Nuff said.
  • For agencies who use Ad Badger, v2 has Agency Support, helping you achieve in seconds what before took hours. You will wow your clients for sure.
  • For businesses that sell directly through Amazon’s Vendor Central interface, say hello to Vendor Support, a tool just for you that is easy to understand, easy to use, and it’ll save you time and money.
  • Perhaps the most awaited feature of v2, however, is that it serves All Amazon Marketplacesnot just the USA. Let Ad Badger help you take over the world.

That’s not even everything, cubs!

Because we went back to square one, we are able to continue adding more features much more quickly to the Ad Badger arsenal. (In fact, we might already have something in the works to release mid-September.)

We put a lot of heart, sweat, and tears into v2 because we knew the ONE tool that you need to take your Amazon PPC campaigns to the next level didn’t perfectly exist.

Unleash your inner badger here. 

Badger out.


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