Amazon Case Study: How Freshfield Conquered A Competitive Market

Amazon Case Study: How Freshfield Conquered A Competitive Market

Freshfield Naturals has had awesome performance over the past year. With strong single-keyword campaigns and strong bidding tactics, they’ve become a force to be reckoned with in their category. They grew by leaps and bounds, all because they teamed up with Ad Badger’s Managed Services.

Our story starts in Vancouver, where Matt and his company Freshfield Naturals are dedicated to helping people and the planet stay healthy. They have a passion for sustainable, plant-based supplements to help anyone who wants to naturally improve their health.

The Problem

In late 2019, Freshfield was breaking into what many consider to be the most difficult industry in Amazon selling: the supplement category. High ACOS was the norm, product standards were high, and making a name for themselves alongside established brands felt like an uphill battle. They needed to scale while still maintaining a realistic ACOS, and they were looking for a more specialized team to take over their Amazon PPC.

Fortunately, Matt had a secret weapon in his corner: Ad Badger’s Managed Services team of Amazon PPC experts.

The Badger’s Game Plan for Freshfield

First, we researched and determined Freshfield’s highest-potential keywords. Then, we prescribed and managed a healthy regimen of single-keyword campaigns (SKC) to ensure that each of those keywords had the TLC and custom-tailored bids they needed to thrive and win top-of-search placement.

Once we put them on the fast lane to Amazon selling glory, we shifted to a new mountain to conquer: earning the coveted “Amazon Choice” Badge for their A-list keywords. Getting these badges means facing tough competition, but The Badger was more than up to the challenge.

By shifting their single-keyword campaigns into overdrive, we made their listings the apple of Amazon’s eye in terms of organic supplements. When a product got a Choice Badge, we maintained a certain ACOS for its campaign. If their products lost the Choice Badge for their keywords, we doubled down on aggressive bidding to get it back.

All the while, Ad Badger’s PPC specialists were in regular contact with Freshfield, making sure they were always in the know in terms of their campaign performance.

The Result

Through the power of SKCs and careful bid optimization, we increased their impressions by over 600%, tripled their clicks, and quadrupled their sales! Oh, and did we mention that we pulled all this off while lowering their ACOS?

An infographic showing Freshfield's growth with Ad Badger's Amazon PPC management.

What’s Next for Freshfield

A Badger’s work is never done. After a whole year of working with Ad Badger’s Managed Services, Freshfield is still conquering the supplement market on Amazon. Now, we’re going international and giving Freshfield’s Canada marketplace a heaping helping of our secret sauce.

Amazon PPC is always changing, too, so we always stay agile and ready to explore new strategies to help Freshfield grow even more.

If our Amazon PPC Managed Services can help a small business like Freshfield dominate one of Amazon’s most difficult markets, imagine what we can do for you.

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