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I’ve been forum foraging for the past two months to talk to Amazon sellers and get a good grasp on what their pain points, barriers to entry, questions are concerning Amazon PPC. I’ve answered tons of questions on Quora, Facebook, and my personal favorite, Reddit (You always find the weirdest stuff on there).

There was a large range of questions asked everything from launch strategy to are Sponsored Product Ads worth it. Some of the more popular questions included Amazon data reporting, incentivized reviews, and Amazon PPC ad ranking.

Here are some question topics I discussed:

Launching a Campaign Strategy

Amazon provides little to no help when beginning your advertising journey. As an Amazon seller you should be aware of the different strategies and what metrics to look out for. 

Here is a good explanation on strategies starting out. 

Amazon Bidding Strategy
Via Amazon Seller Reddit Thread

If you still have a question after reading this post, visit our Amazon PPC forum and ask!

Via Amazon Seller Reddit Thread

Should You Use Amazon’s Suggested CPC Bid?

Keep in mind Amazon wants you to make money for them, so they want your ads to be successful. CPC suggested bids are relative and depend on your conversion rate and how aggressively you want to bid. 

Explanation of CPC for Amazon PPC
Via Amazon FBA Competitive Edge Facebook Page
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is There is a Delay in Amazon Ad Reporting?

There is a two-day delay in Amazon reporting. A lot of Amazon sellers get frustrated when they don’t see results right away. I recommend running an auto campaign and waiting a week before deciding your Amazon PPC strategy.

To get a better idea of what your metrics should look like, here’s our user’s data for January, February, and March of this year.

Amazon PPC Reporting
Via the Amazon FBA Ninjas! Facebook page.
Via FulfillmentByAmazon Reddit thread.

How to Get Reviews for my Amazon products

I’ve seen tons of questions about incentivized reviews and what it takes to get great reviews

The answer is simple: Collecting good reviews takes time and the only way to obtain them is to be trustworthy and give them the product they paid for. 

Incentivized reviews are against the rules of the jungle and if Amazon finds out they’ll suspend your account. Read more about bad review activity.

Explanation of how to get reviews for Amazon PPC
Via AmazonSeller Reddit Thread

The first comment is a good addition to knowing a good ratio for number of reviews and products sold. I don’t recommend sending a note out with your product, but you could politely ask on your site or social media.

How to rank higher on Amazon

This answer is common, yet complicated. The Badger answers the question of how to boost your ad rank pretty well. Basically, Amazon takes into account your CPC and your ad grade.

Here’s a question I received about increasing ad ranking on Amazon:

Quora Thread Explaining Amazon PPC ad ranking.
Via Quora

Miscellaneous Questions 

Here are some other great questions I encountered. 

Bidding in a competitive niche:

Bidding in a Competitive Niche for Amazon PPC
Via FulfillmentByAmazon Reddit Thread

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