How Do Technical and Creative Strategies Work Together in Amazon PPC?  [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Do Technical and Creative Strategies Work Together in Amazon PPC? [The PPC Den Podcast]


In this episode, Michael and Laura from Envision Horizons will talk about balancing technical and creative strategies in Amazon PPC. They will reveal how to combine data-driven tactics with creative approaches to boost your Amazon ads. They will also discuss the challenges and solutions of integrating these two aspects. Additionally, they will share tips on managing teams and best practices for creating effective marketing strategies.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 –  Meet our guest: Laura Meyer from Envision Horizons
  • 0:50 – How to balance technical and creative strategies in Amazon PPC
  • 2:05 – Overcoming the challenges of combining tech and creativity
  • 3:35 – Inside look: Running a full-service Amazon agency
  • 4:45 – What are “centers of excellence” in Amazon marketing?
  • 6:11 – How to avoid siloed departments and boost teamwork
  • 8:51 – The power of pod structure for effective collaboration
  • 10:29 – Training tips for performance marketers
  • 12:02 – Key roles you need in your Amazon marketing team
  • 14:41 – Why brand awareness is crucial for PPC success
  • 18:10 – Boosting growth with DSP and AMC
  • 21:16 – The role of affiliate marketing and creator connections
  • 24:45 – How to test creative elements using PickFu
  • 27:00 – Measuring ROI: Balancing creative and technical efforts
  • 29:32 – Why a good account manager is essential
  • 32:14 – Using first-party data to enhance Amazon campaigns
  • 35:29 – Future trends in Amazon advertising you need to know
  • 37:46 – Final thoughts and top advice for Amazon sellers

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