The Amazon PPC Starter Kit

The Amazon PPC Starter Kit

The Badger loves to write for Amazon Sellers. I love it so much, I stayed up all night by candlelight to complete the Amazon PPC Starter Kit. Yes, Badgers are nocturnal, but so what? I still love providing my Amazon PPC knowledge all the same.

So what’s in this Amazon Seller guide?

Apart from witty metaphors and analogies, it’s got information on:

  • The buy box
  • Amazon ad ranking
  • Basic ad types
  • What metrics to look at to determine ad success
  • How to avoid wasted spend
  • How to automate your Amazon ads

Other reasons why you should download the guide:

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s free
  3. It’s free

Additionally, I worked really hard on it and want to share the guide with as many people as possible.