Case Study: How Do I Fix An Amazon Campaign With 6,000 Keywords? [The PPC Den Podcast]


This episode is just one of a two-series Case Study episode with Clement Hynaux, Ad Badger’s Campaign Manager. 

Let’s see how Michael and Clement work on an actual client’s problem who had 6,000 keywords in his campaigns.  Is that too many keywords?  Find out how two experts approach this challenge.

But the fun isn’t over yet!

Tune in next week for part two, where we will share the result of the campaign restructure.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 Keyword Campaign – Topic Overview
  • 02:45 Intro
  • 03:57 Migration from Another Solution to (Ad Badger)
  • 05:23 Importance of Account History
  • 08:35 Data Analysis on Amazon PPC
  • 10:25 Market and Data Analysis
  • 13:39 Importance of Keyword Research
  • 17:55 Tools for Keyword Research
  • 20:25 Isolation of Branded Keywords
  • 26:03 Bidding of New Keywords
  • 28:05 Campaign Restructure
  • 31:47 Outro

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