Employee Spotlight: Karolina Facchin, Head of Design and Operations

Employee Spotlight: Karolina Facchin, Head of Design and Operations

In this blog series, we talk to Ad Badger employees to learn more about their roles, what they love about Austin and what led them to the Badger Den.

In this interview, we banter with Karolina Facchin, the Head of Operations and Design at Ad Badger.


It seems like you get both worlds of Design and Operations. What do you like about each of them and how do they translate to one another?

Both design and operations allow for creative problem-solving. Design is a more obvious outlet for creative inspiration, but the business-side of a young boot-strapped startup requires creative thinking as well.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Working at a start-up is exciting and fun! No two days are the same, so I always have to be on my toes. I think the nature of the industry and work requires a sense of adaptability and perseverance. It’s character-building. I also really like working with the team. Right now, our team is pretty small and I love the way everyone goes out of their way to help one another in reaching our mutual goals. It truly is a team-effort and I’m super proud to be a part of it.

What hobbies do you participate in when you aren’t in the office?

I like to create art, hike, dog train, foster self-development, and have learned to find a certain meditative quality about cooking.

I learned how to screen print last year and have enjoyed the involved and manual nature of creating art with that medium. 

Some of Karolina's screen prints
Some of Karolina’s screen prints

How is Austin unique compared to any other city you lived in?

Definitely, the people. There is a lively buzz in the air here; people pursuing every type of passion and project. You can’t help but bump into other Austinites who are actively working on something exciting! Aside from that, I find people here to be very accepting, open-minded, compassionate, health-minded and laid back. In Austin, you can come as you are – and I love that lack of pretentiousness.

What one life experience helps you with your career still today?

This probably makes me a walking cliche, but I’d have to say my study abroad experience from college. I studied in Thailand and did some solo travel in SE Asia when I was 19, and was thrown completely out of my comfort zone. I learned to get a rush out of problem solving, being forced to be adaptable, and trying new things. That has certainly shaped my personality and has helped me in my role today.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I used to be an animal trainer and zookeeper. Working with animals has taught me patience, respect, and has created a life-long passion for learning behavior.


Karolina with “Remo,” one of the sea lions she used to work with

What do you love about badgers?

I love how super smart and sneaky they are! They’re also pretty darn cute when they sleep.

What’s your favorite object in the office?

Can I have more than one? I’d definitely have to say all the plants. They bring nature indoors, and breathe life (literally!) into the office. I’m biased though – I’m a plant lady who is always bringing home “strays,”  any time the opportunity presents itself!

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