Amazon PPC Ride Along: How to Fix an Amazon Ad Campaign from 80% ACOS

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New Ad Badger YouTube series alert! We wanted to show Amazon sellers just how we reduce ACoS, increase conversions, and set ad campaigns up for success by diving into Seller Central ourselves. It’s called the Amazon PPC Ride Along series. 

I’m Brett, and I joined Ad Badger as a PPC pro after selling on Amazon for 3 years and building a business from the ground up. I want to show you my thought process behind an account that needed to lower ACoS down from 80%. 

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What’s an Amazon PPC Ride Along?

Good question. You get an inside look as we take an account that’s performing pretty badly right now, and bring you along with us as we transform it into having some killer PPC performance.

We Want to show how to lower ACoS and Fix other Ad Campaign Problems

So we had a person write in who was really struggling with his ads, struggling with high ACoS, and from experimenting from a strategy he got from an “internet guru.” It just wasn’t going well, and he didn’t want to deal with Amazon PPC anymore. He came to us with his ACoS averaging about 40%, and some days it was spiking all the way up to as high as 84%. His goal was to get it back down to around 20%.

We know this is a common problem that Amazon sellers face when trying to figure out Amazon PPC ads. We’ve all struggled at some point with a wild campaign that was burning through cash, and with a huge ACoS and very little success. It’s super frustrating, super demoralizing, and super time-consuming, especially for Amazon sellers who have a huge daily to-do list. Many sellers start to doubt if Amazon PPC is even worth it, but don’t give up. We’re here to help.

Because we know so many other struggle with this exact same issue, we’re going to fix this account, document the whole entire journey, and hopefully this will bring you lots of value, tips, tricks and all of this stuff is going to help you get your own ACoS down to the level that you want. 

Let’s Look inside Seller Central

A screenshare inside of a Seller Central account

So here we are in Seller Central’s campaign manager. Like we just talked about, you can see that this account has some very sporadic ACOS data. One day it’s up in the 84%, the next day it’s 52%, then 64% down to 44%, back up to 74%. This a roller coaster you definitely don’t want to be strapped into. In the coming weeks to months, we’re going to optimize his account together in this YouTube series. We’re going to be using the Ad Badger Beta platform to help optimize our bids, and to automate our negative keyword blacklisting.

Join Us on This Amazon PPC Journey

If you’re going to be optimizing your own account as well, you can join us in this ride-along. I would definitely recommend using our Ad Badger trial. It’s totally free for 30 days. It’ll help you save tons of money.

Really, 30 days of the best Amazon PPC tool for FREE!

During the course of our PPC ride-along, we’ll be discussing pretty much everything that goes into good Amazon PPC optimization. This is going to include negative keywords, bids, ad placement, campaign types, what your target ACOS should be, keywords, search terms, everything. So make sure you don’t miss it.

So that’s the plan for our PPC ride-along we’re going to be doing every single week here. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe below so you don’t miss a beat. We also have a link to our Facebook group in the description below, where we talk about Amazon PPC all day, every day. This has been Brett from Ad Badger, and I’ll see you in the Badger Den.

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