How Ad Badger’s Experiments Helped Amazon Advertisers Optimize Performance  [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Ad Badger’s Experiments Helped Amazon Advertisers Optimize Performance


In this special episode, Michael gives his listeners an inside look at the Amazon advertising industry and provides helpful insight and advice.

In January, Ad Badger ran experiments to identify problems in three Amazon accounts. The first was a campaign with too many keywords. The second was an experiment to see the effect of adding additional campaign types to a product that only had the standard sponsored products. The third problem was related to optimizing bids. Michael summarizes the results and discusses more topics as well!

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Episode Highlights

  • 00:03 Exploring the Amazon Advertising Industry with $300 Million in Annual Spend
  • 01:25 Experimenting with Amazon PPC Management: A Recap and Conclusion
  • 02:39 Exploring Easy Value-Add Strategies for Amazon PPC
  • 07:45 Exploring Duplicate Hunters and Broad Match Changes
  • 11:15 PPC Trends and Optimizations for Amazon Advertising

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