How Do I Build a Productive Partnership With My Amazon PPC Agency? [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Do I Build A Productive Partnership With My Amazon PPC Agency


One of our clients joins the show this week to discuss the importance of creating productive e-commerce and Amazon PPC-er partnerships, including why communication matters so much, and setting realistic goals. Dan Daubendiek of American Mutt Tools and Olena Shmaiun, campaign optimizer at Ad Badger, hope to help you create great working relationships of your own with their framework.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 What to expect in this episode
  • 5:49 Why we think this episode is important
  • 9:23 Why open communication on data is awesome
  • 12:39 How did you learn to be an awesome communicator? 
  • 15:20 How do we take action based on communication?
  • 19:31 Best meeting structure between client and Amazon PPC-er?
  • 21:45 Best tools between client and Amazon PPC-er?
  • 24:15 What’s a good framework for setting achievable goals?
  • 28:00 What do we do when a goal isn’t achieved?
  • 32:20 How to help clients understand their goals?
  • 37:30 Advice for having a great Amazon PPC relationship
  • 41:00 How do I figure out who to work with?
  • 43:27 What can Ad Badger Managed Services do better?
  • 46:04 Your homework: Stay on the same page.

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