How Do I Evaluate Amazon Buyers’ Activity After Black Friday-Cyber Monday? [The PPC Den Podcast]



With all the talks of the next possible financial crisis, what can we do about it? Will it affect our conversion rate? 


In this episode, Michael is joined by Adam Mellott of Better AMS. It’s so interesting how Adam shares his thoughts on how to evaluate the buyer activity post-prime day. Education is always key, and let’s all learn from their vast experience in the Amazon PPC world!


We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:35 Who is Adam Mellott of Better AMS
  • 05:07 Overview of Strategies for Evaluating Activity Post-Prime Day
  • 07:32 Buyer fatigue
  • 10:59 What are the concerns of Amazon PPC clients?
  • 14:35 What actions do we do to light the path forward?
  • 15:33  What do we do if you want your products to be visible?
  • 17:37 Should I just go hard on 50% of my product?
  • 23:23 Do you think we’ll ever live in a post-rank world?
  • 27:07 Amazon Updates – New Ad Types
  • 29:23 Sponsored Display Ads Amazon 
  • 33:06 Outro

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