How Do I Export Search Query Performance Dashboard Data? [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Do I Export Search Query Performance Dashboard Data


Our biggest gripe with our newest favorite Amazon Advertising love, the Search Query Performance Dashboard (SPQD), was that it lacked an export button. Luckily for us, our guests found a solution! Mansour Norouzi of Incrementum Digital, Louis Robert of Thrasio, and Hamza Zulfiqar Tanveer of Upswing Services joined Michael this week to share their genius solution for exporting data from SQPD, and they also share how they use it.

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 How this episode came together
  • 2:04 First thoughts on SQPD
  • 6:18 Client’s reaction to SQPD data
  • 8:07 When to check SQPD data/ how to use it differently
  • 16:49 Why use an HTML scraper
  • 20:47 How HTML scraper works
  • 38:07 Final thoughts

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