​​How Do I Find New Areas To Scale My Campaign? [The PPC Den Podcast]

​​How Do I Find New Areas To Scale My Campaign?


Ad Badger PPC Campaign Manager Michael Tejeda joins Michael to discuss growth opportunities for your campaigns. They explore how to combat the challenges of scaling your Amazon campaigns by using head vs. tail keywords, and how to utilize the Search Query Performance Report to your advantage. A great episode for those looking for new areas to expand their campaigns. 

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 What to expect in this episode
  • 2:03 How To Tackle Scaling
  • 4:56 Exploring a New Area of Growth
  • 6:07 Head vs. Tail Keywords
  • 7:58 Search Query Performance Report
  • 10:11 How to Best Edit Your Phrasing
  • 14:12 Overview of Keyword Strategy

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