How Do I Identify and Handle Duplicates in Amazon Search Term Report? [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Do I Identify And Handle Duplicates In Amazon Search Term Report? [The PPC Den Podcast]


In this episode, Michael and Clement discuss the concept of search term graduation. They also introduce the idea of lateral search term graduation, which involves taking search terms from sponsored products and using them in other campaign types such as Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Brand Video, and Sponsored Display. They also point out that this is an easy win for advertisers because it allows them to use existing data from sponsored products to prevent ad waste and expand their market share. Finally, they suggest that duplicating search terms across campaign types is a good way to own the search result page, as it can increase the chances of having multiple sponsored placements at the top of the page.

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Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 Search Term Duplicates in Amazon Advertising
  • 01:10 Intro
  • 03:34 Duplicates in Search Term Reports: When to Keep and When to Negate
  • 05:41 Search Term Graduation Strategies
  • 09:19 Reasons to Utilize Duplicate ASINs
  • 10:48 Reasons to Utilize Duplicates and Negatives in Amazon PPC Campaigns
  • 17:15 Understanding Search Term Graduation for Amazon PPC 
  • 19:36 Search Term Graduation: Strategies for Optimizing 
  • 21:48 Search Term Graduation: An Essential Part of PPC Management
  • 23:25 Discussion on Duplicate Search Terms in Amazon PPC 
  • 25:32 How Multiple Ad Groups Impact CPC
  • 28:12 Analysis of Amazon Ad Strategies for Duplicate Keywords
  • 30:29 Search Term Duplicates Across Several Campaign Types
  • 33:42 How to Identify and Manage Duplicate Search Terms in Amazon Advertising

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