How Do I Stay Ahead Of The Curve And Become A Better Amazon PPCer in 2023? [The PPC Den Podcast]


In this episode, Michael and Brent Zahradnik of AMZ Pathfinder discussed their New Year’s resolutions to become better Amazon PPC-ers in 2023. They discussed the importance of being a perpetual student in the field of Amazon advertising and the need to evaluate one’s skills and knowledge gaps constantly. The hosts also reflected on the events of the past year and discussed their plans for the new year. They concluded by reminding listeners to be a perpetual student and never stop learning to become successful in Amazon advertising.


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Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 New Year’s Resolutions for Amazon PPC-ers
  • 00:58 Intro
  • 03:32 Reflecting on Amazon Marketing Resolutions
  • 04:56 Analysis of Amazon PPC Performance and New Year’s Resolutions for 2023
  • 06:36 Analysis of Time-Over-Time Comparison for Core KPIs
  • 09:09 Conversation on Prodigious Notetaking and Day Parting in Digital Advertising
  • 10:57 Exploring Strategies for Leveraging Keywords
  • 13:31 Analysis of Conversion Rate on Time of Day for Bidding Set Up
  • 15:20 Strategies for Combining Amazon SEO and PPC for Improved Rankings
  • 17:11 Strategies for Amazon Search Marketing
  • 19:08 Strategies for Placement Bid Adjustments
  • 20:35Refreshing Placement Settings and Networking
  • 22:43 Exploring Dark Social and Refining Amazon Marketing Processes
  • 25:12 Discussion on Market Share, Day Parting, and Budget Allocation
  • 26:53 Exploring Amazon Marketing Solutions to Improve Performance
  • 32:14 Utilizing Checklists and Amazon Marketing Cloud for PPC Management
  • 34:35 Conversation on Amazon’s Privacy Approach
  • 35:51 Discussion on Data Analysis and Reporting for Businesses
  • 37:38 Resolutions for Amazon PPC in 2023

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