How Do I Transform My  Amazon PPC Campaigns With A Strategic Restructure [The PPC Den Podcast]


As an Amazon seller, you know the importance of launching a successful PPC campaign to maximize your revenue potential. But what happens when the campaign isn’t yielding the desired results? It may be time to consider restructuring your Amazon PPC campaign. 

The result is in! Today’s episode is part two of our case study on a bad campaign structure.

Michael and Alfredo Roselli, an Ad Badger Campaign Manager, explore the various steps you should take to ensure your Amazon PPC campaigns are optimized for maximum success.

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 Topic overview: actions undertaken for this case study
  • 00:56 Intro
  • 02:09 Previous episode discussed
  • 03:19 Issue #1: Keyword dumping
  • 06:15 Issue #2: Product-based variations
  • 08:18 Michael’s advice on campaign structure
  • 09:07 What happened after a month of restructuring?
  • 11:29 Campaign structure: scaling activity
  • 12:44 Campaign budget limitation
  • 14:51 What were Alfredo’s strategies for fixing this mess?
  • 18:18 How did we get more revenue?
  • 21:54 Run-down of Alfredo’s strategies
  • 25:20 Outro

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