How Do I Use Amazon BSR To Increase My Rankings And Sales? [The PPC Den Podcast]


Today’s episode is part two of our experiment on a client’s low BSR.

Michael and Ad Badger Account Manager, Michael Tejeda, got an in-depth look at the techniques and strategies used to recover from a low BSR. They will also show us the exact steps to take in order to improve our Amazon rankings, including optimizing listings, increasing reviews, and improving customer service. They will also discuss some of the common mistakes sellers make when trying to improve their BSR so that we can avoid them in the future. 

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 Optimizing for BSR: A Follow-Along Journey and Results
  • 01:28 Intro
  • 02:39 Analyzing Amazon PPC Performance: Interpreting Results and Best Practices
  • 04:08 PPC Strategy for Q4 and Q1 of 2023
  • 05:46 Analysis of Sales Performance for Multi-Product Listing on Amazon
  • 08:03 Analysis of PPC Performance Impacted by Stock Availability
  • 09:43 Analysis of Retooling an Amazon FBA Product Launch Strategy
  • 11:29 The Impact of Price Sensitivity on Amazon PPC Rankings
  • 14:35 Exploring the Differentiation of Luxury Products in the Marketplace
  • 15:58 Analysis of Year-Over-Year Performance Increase for PPC Strategy
  • 18:22 Successful PPC Management: A Conversation with Michael Tejeda.

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