State of the App: The Negative Keyword Tool Is Faster, Better, Stronger

State of the App: New Table Designs, A More Custom Experience

Who knew you could truly have it all?

Since our last State of the App, our Negative Keyword Tool is new and improved, eliminating timeouts and wait time. 

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Stronger, Better, Faster Negative Keyword Tool

Hey guys, this is Mike here from Ad Badger, and this video is just sharing a quick update about the app improvement and stability, and an improvement in the speed at which you can get your data from our Negative Keyword Tool. I just want to go ahead and point out these changes for you.

Predator vs Forage Mode

So the first thing that we did, which is a minor change, but I hope it adds a whole bunch of clarity here, is that when you hover over the Negative Keyword Tool now, Predator and Forage Mode have descriptors next to it. So basically, Predator, we like to think of it as the daily hunter, in the sense that it will hunt through your search terms every single day, and automatically add anything that you want it to, based off the parameters that you set up. So really simple change, Predator Mode, and that says daily automator next to it.

Update of our Negative Keyword Tool
Here’s an example from inside the app. Peep the new blog post.

Whereas Forage Mode, that’s when you go out and you forage through your search terms in sort of a one-time only type method. Where it’s just you go in there, you type in your parameters, you see your list, and then you go and you just automatically add them right then and there, and then it does not repeat on a daily basis. The Forage Mode, essentially, removed the need to ever have to go inside Amazon, download your search terms, sift through Excel, upload those back into it, this does it all for you.

Increased Stability

And then, of course, the Predator Mode does it ever for you every single night. So really quick, some quick changes. I just wanna demonstrate the stability improvement that we’ve made. Okay, so if you go to Predator Mode, you will end up here. Of course, if you always click that question mark, you’ll see the three pre-built rules, but what I wanna do now is just sort of demonstrate the way that the information is displayed for you. So, let’s actually jump in and I’ll call this a Rule Test, and basically, let’s say we wanna view everything with over 10 clicks and equal to zero conversions, zero sales over the last 180 days without the last two. Want to add as a negative exact at the ad group level.

We added this preview button, which basically will do exactly what it says, it will display everything in your account that has met these parameters instantly for you. So boom. 

Quick Interlude

Hey, it’s Michael, I just wanted to explain what has happened. It just displayed all the search terms that met those parameters. Okay, back to the video.

Demonstrating the improvements in an actual account

This is a relatively small account. This accounts spends about $5,000 a month. I wanna show you what it looks like with an account that spends about $50,000 dollars a month, just for the sake of speed. So you could see, with this it took a second, let’s see what it takes in a $50,000 a month account. Okay, here I am. The exact same parameters. Has over 10 clicks, equal to zero sales, over the last 180 days without the last two, add as a negative exact. Preview results. So this account has about 10 times the amount of data, and what we found so far is that it takes about 20 seconds for really, really large accounts to get this information pulled in.

So it’s been about eight seconds so far, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, boom. Previously, before we patched this, this would probably timeout on you. If anything that would take longer than sort of 10 seconds would timeout. We fixed that timeout feature, so now, even with large accounts, when you go and you type in a preview, you can see the results without a timing out much, much, much faster. So this is a very much needed improvement to our stability, and the speed at which you can get your data.

Really, really excited about it. Let me know if you have any feedback or anything else that you’d like us to improve on. Doing our Beta. Have a good one.

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