Overcoming Challenges of Running Google Ads to Amazon Listings [The PPC Den Podcast]


Running external traffic to your Amazon listing is a great idea because it boosts ranking, boosts ROAS, and there’s a brand referral kickback. However, as Bobby Pulte of Search Scientists shares, it comes with challenges, including an imperfect click-path, a lack of reporting, and indirect tracking rank. This is an obstacle we recommend you overcome because it’s highly beneficial, and this episode provides the nine-step process for doing just that. 

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Michigan mitten
  • 03:54  Benefits of sending Google Ads to Amazon Listing
  • 8:18 Three Challenges of sending Google Ads to Amazon
  • 18:27 Nine Step Recommended Google Ads to Amazon Process
  • 35:45 Behind the scenes

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