State of the App: Settings 2.0

State of the App: New Table Designs, A More Custom Experience

Things are busy in the life of a developer. They have bugs to squash, features to improve, and are given the task of making sure the best Amazon PPC tool runs smoothly. So far, Ad Badger has optimized over 500 campaigns so you know there are top-class developers behind our PPC tool. 

As a part of our 2018 resolutions, we wanted to unleash our techie side this year and go above and beyond user expectations–as well as our expectations. I thought I’d share some Ad Badger product updates. 

Here is Ad Badger’s State of the App Address for February 2018, straight from the developers’ desk:

Settings 2.0

We’ve heard great feedback from our Agency Partners about how Ad Badger saves them tons of time (never have to do Negative Keyword Research and never have to do bid optimization). We’re working on saving them even more time by removing the need for them to create multiple logins for their multiple clients.

One of the biggest and best changes for Ad Badger is an overhaul of our user-settings. Settings 2.0 will include:

Multi-Store Support

This new feature will solve one of the biggest issues for Amazon freelancers and professionals. Users will now be able to log into multiple Amazon accounts using one email on the Ad Badger platform, and switch between them in the “Settings” section of the app.

Team Accounts

This feature will allow sub-users to be added to an account. This is great for project managers or agencies who are growing and adding team members to their Amazon PPC initiatives.

Improvements to Bid Optimizer: Bids By Badger Overseer

One of our best tools, the Bid Optimizer will now show day-by-day changes to user’s keyword bids and manual campaigns as well as ad group info for automatic campaigns. Users will also be able to switch modes with the Bid Optimizer. A “Low Data” mode and a “High-Confidence” mode will be available to fine-tune your bidding based on your account. These improvements will add transparency to what it is the Bid Optimizer is doing to your account.

Monster Bid Cap

As a seller, you might run into a situation where an ASIN gets a low amount of clicks and the Bid Optimizer bids many times the average of that amount of clicks. Even though this is mathematically correct, it’s not ideal. When you turn on the Monster Bid Cap, your bids will be reflective of the average CPC of each account and borrow data from other areas and apply them to low data areas.

Benchmarks by Industry

We’ve built a tool to pull and segment data from different industries to deliver metrics such as CPC, CTR, etc. to our users. We can now provide this data to give our users great insight into advertising on Amazon.

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