The Easiest Way to Automate Negative Keywords for Amazon Ad Campaigns

Blocking Negative Keywords is time consuming, but also one of the best ways to lower ACoS and avoid wasted spend. What if there was a kind of superpower to cut out Seller Central, Negative Keyword research, and spreadsheets? Something like Negative Keyword Automation. 

Never fear, Ad Badger is here. We automate Negative Keyword rules with our suite of tools inside our app. 

What are negative keywords?

We wrote The Complete Guide to Negative Keywords, but I’ll summarize here.

Negative Keywords are essential to lowering ACoS for an ad campaign. It is often neglected by Amazon sellers because it’s just another thing that they have to do to optimize their ad campaigns. On top of keyword research and making sure you’re bidding the right amount for search terms you want your product to appear for, now you have to set Negative Keywords?

Let me explain: Negative Keywords are keywords that are low converting and you don’t want to show up for. 

For example: If you’re selling Badger tonics and don’t want to show up for “Badger poison”, you’d turn that keyword into a negative. This prevents your ad from appearing for “Badger poison.”

Non-converting keywords are like the vampires of an ad campaign. They are taking your money, but not getting you sales, therefore raising your ACoS. 

A good way to find negative keywords is running an automatic campaign for a few weeks and finding keywords that are costing you money, but aren’t converting to sales. You can find keywords that are good candidates to be added as negative keywords if they have really poor metrics and are costing you money without converting.

If a keyword gets 40 clicks without converting once, it’s probably a good idea to add it as a negative keyword so that keyword stops wasting your ad budget. This also applies to keywords with a really poor click through rate and to keywords with a lot of money spent without a conversion.

Another great way is using Ad Badger’s Negative Keyword tool. 

Here’s a live demo of how we automate Negative Keyword Bidding:

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Inside Our Negative Keyword Tool

Okay, so here we are inside of our Negative Keyword Tool within Ad Badger. Our Negative Keyword Suite has four different components to it and we’re going to run through those real quick.

  1. The first one is the Negative Keyword Predator, which is a daily automator and it comes with three pre-built rules if you want to use those, or you can go ahead and set your own rules. 

  2.  The second tool we have is the Negative Keyword Forage Tool. This is a one-time action tool and what it’s meant to do is go through every single keyword in your account, and you can see all of the different metrics and the data, how that keyword has been performing. If you don’t like its performance, you can go ahead and add it as a negative keyword right from the Negative Keyword Forager. That’s a really cool tool that’s going to replace you ever having to use spreadsheets ever again.

  3.  We also have our Negative Keyword Predator Whitelist. Before the Negative Keyword Predator adds any search term as negative, it’ll check the Negative Keyword Whitelist. So even if a certain keyword is not performing very well, you still want to rank for it, you still want to bring in sales for it. You can add that into the Negative Keyword Predator Whitelist and that will never be blacklisted by the Negative Keyword Predator. A lot of our customers like to do this for a competitor’s branded keywords that they may not be performing super well for, but they still want to try to take some of their market share, they still want to try to go after some of their customers, rank for that keyword so they put that into the Whitelist.

  4.  Then lastly we have the Negative Keyword Predator History Tool. You can see exactly what the Negative Keyword Predator has been up to. If you go to the Negative Keyword Predator History, you can see all the keywords that have been blacklisted, and by blacklisted I mean added as a negative keyword. You can also see why that happened, when it happened, and you can make sure that no keywords that you want to be ranking for are actually being added as negative keywords. That’s a great resource as well. That’s it for our overview. Let’s go ahead and jump right into the Negative Keyword Predator and check it out. 
Ad Badger NKW Overview
The Ad Badger Negative Keyword Tool

Negative Keyword Predator Tool

Here we are inside of the Predator Mode. As you can see, we have some pre-built rules that you can use, or you can go ahead and add your custom rules down further below. But if you want to go ahead and add our pre-built rules, which are pretty good, you can go ahead and just hit these three plus signs right here, plus, plus, and plus.

What these pre-built rules are going to do within your account it’s going to scan every single keyword over the past six months and it’s going to find anything that is really inefficient and is causing wasteful ad spend and it’s going to add that as a negative keyword or it’s going to blacklist it.

Our first rule, any keyword that has over 2,500 impressions and a really poor click-through rate (CTR) that has gotten you no sales over the past six months is going to go head and blacklist that or add it as a negative keyword. Any keyword with over $35 in ad spend that hasn’t gotten you a conversion, it’s going to blacklist that. And any keyword over the last six months with over 34 clicks without getting you a single conversion, that’s going to be added as a negative keyword as well.

Again, if you want to come in and add these to your account and turn on the Predator so it runs every single day, it’s going to automate your negative keyword blacklisting, all you have to do is come in here and click these three plus signs again to add that to your account. If you don’t see our pre-built rules right when you load into the Predator, you can expand those by clicking this question mark right here. That will hide them and show them.

Once you hit the three plus marks, you can see them down at the bottom here and your Predator Mode should look like this (see video)

Adding a new rule on Ad Badger's NKW tool
Here is what adding a new Negative Keyword in our Predator Tool looks like.

That means that you do have rules added and they are working, so that’s that. That’s the Keyword Predator. I definitely recommend giving it a shot.

There’s no reason you should let inefficient keywords run through your budget. If they’re not converting, they’re not getting your sale, why are you spending money on them? That’s how your Negative Keyword Predator can be used to get that ACoS lower to prevent wasteful ad spend and to make your campaigns much more optimized and much more efficient.

Now that I’ve shown you around the Negative Keyword Predator Tool, let’s jump into the Negative Keyword Predator History Tool so we can see how we can keep an eye on the Negative Keyword Predator and see what’s been going on in your account

Negative Keyword Forage Tool

The Forage tool’s a really cool tool. Normally when you want to sift through every single keyword or search term in your account and understand which ones are converting well, you have to go into the Ad Manager inside Seller Central and download an advertising report that can be just thousands and thousands of rows of information and it’s super hard to sift through. It can be a huge pain.

We designed the Forage Mode to basically eliminate the need for you to ever use one of those pesky spreadsheets ever again.

You can come in here. You can see every keyword in your account. You can sort it by which campaign you want to do. You can sort it by date range, so it’d be a 14 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days. We also have options to exclude the last two days from your data because there is a 48-hour Amazon reporting delay.

Here we also have the ability to filter through your keywords based on a bunch of different metrics so you can sort it by impressions, clicks, click-through rate, total spend, average cost per click, ACoS, your one-day conversion, seven-day conversion, 30-day conversion, so yeah, you can add a whole bunch of filters and really sift through those keywords to focus in on the ones that you are looking for.

As you can see, I’m looking right now for any keyword with over 20 clicks that hasn’t resulted in a sale because that’s just wasted ad spend. You can see all of the different metrics for every single keyword. You can see which ad group that it’s coming from. You can see the keyword itself. You can see the query, the impressions, the clicks, the click-through rate, total spend, the cost per click, and the average cost of sale for every single keyword right here in the Forager. As you can see, this keyword for example has gotten 22 clicks and it has spent $12.57 and it has not resulted in a sale yet.

So if you wanted to come and add this as a Negative Keyword from the Forage Tool, all you have to do is click it, click. I like to do negative exact, that’s what I recommend. You can also edit at the campaign level, the ad group level, or the account level. If you wanted to add it at the ad group level, all you do is click Update Account right here and that would add that keyword as a negative keyword.

The Forage Tool’s really awesome. Definitely recommend coming in and giving it a shot. 

Ad Badger's Negative KW Forage Tool
How Forage Mode works

The Predator Whitelist Tool

Again, the Predator Whitelist is great if there are certain keywords that aren’t performing well, but you don’t want the Predator to go in and add them as a negative keyword. The Whitelist is where you want to add those terms.

This will prevent the Predator from taking those keywords out. All you have to do to add those is click right there. You can hit Filter Existing Keywords and go through all of your existing keywords. You can filter through those. Or you can add your own keywords very easily right here. I just enter the campaign and the ad group and then you can add certain keywords to the Whitelist from right there. 

Ad Badger's NKW Whitelist
The ins and outs of Keyword Whitelisting

Negative Keyword Predator History

Here we are in the Negative Keyword Predator History. As you can see, you have access to every single keyword that has been added as a negative keyword by the Negative Keyword Predator.

You can see which campaign the keyword came from, which ad group, you can see the keyword itself, you can see whether this was added through Predator Mode or if you added it through the Forager, or if it was already there. Then you can see the exact time that it was added as a negative keyword.

Then if you want to undo that keyword and you want to make it so that it’s no longer a negative keyword and you can go ahead and rank for it again and bid on it again, you can click Undo right here and that’ll take care of it for you.

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I hope you got a good sense of our Negative Keyword Predator Suite and how it’s essential for lowering your ACoS and avoiding wasteful spend from this video. If you still have questions comment on this post and we’ll answer any more questions you have about Negative Keywords, our app, or anything else PPC related. 

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