Unlock Your Business’s Growth Potential With Amazon’s Market Analysis Tools [The PPC Den Podcast]


In this episode, Michael and Mansour Norouzi of Incrementum Digital discuss how to measure a business’s growth and what to consider when analyzing Amazon market share. They emphasize the importance of looking at demand when measuring growth and how to avoid prejudging a situation. They also talk about how Amazon has been releasing first-party market analysis tools, such as the Product Opportunity Explorer, Search Query Performance, and Brand Analytics to give more insight into the market. They share tips on how to best use these tools and the value they provide.

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Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 Interview with Mansour from Incrementum Digital
  • 01:23 Intro
  • 03:14 Impact of First-Party Data on PPC Performance with Badger Nation
  • 05:23 Market Analysis Tools for Amazon Advertising
  • 10:32 Category Insights Tool for Improved Brand Analytics
  • 12:16 Marketplace Filters and Keyword Search Functionality
  • 17:05 Niche Selection Tool
  • 19:13 Market Trends for Mushroom Herbal Supplements
  • 23:29 Market Trends with a Chart and Analyzer
  • 25:30 Search to Purchase Ratio and Conversion Rate per Price Range
  • 27:45 Search Purchase Ratio, Conversion Rate, Return Ratio, and Reason for Returns
  • 32:25 Offer and Selection Metrics
  • 36:28 ASINs and Product Popularity in the Light Therapy Products Category
  • 38:30 Exploring the Benefits of Using the Product Research Tool
  • 41:22 Conversation on Favorite Features of Performance Tracking
  • 43:08 Incremental Digital

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