Welcome to The Badger Burrow!

Welcome To The Badger Burrow!

The Badger here.

Amazon sellers are faced with the difficult task of optimizing their ad spending without much help. Have no fear, The Badger is here. I’d like to welcome you to The Badger’s Burrow, the ultimate guide to Amazon PPC.

Who Is This Blog Designed To Help?

Amazon sellers looking to increase their ROI and save time doing it. No matter if you’re an expert or a beginner in Amazon PPC, this blog will be designed to help and provide resources for easy reference.

So, What Kind Of Information Will Come Out Of The Burrow?

Anything and everything on Amazon PPC. I’m The Badger, an expert in Amazon ad campaigns, and I want to share my knowledge with all the Amazon ad newbies out there. When visiting the burrow, you will find ways to optimize your Amazon ad campaigns and learn how to use our amazing Amazon PPC tool.

Topics will include:

  • Ways to dominate the top percentage of Amazon sellers (Yes, it’s possible)
  • How to soar to optimal ACOS
  • How to destroy waste spending on ad bids
  • The types of ad campaigns on Amazon
  • What makes a Badger-worthy CTR and CPC
  • How to own headline and display ads

If this is all jibberish to you, that gives you more reason to come and stay a while.

Don’t Worry, You’ll Get To Know The Badger Too.

This blog will also update customers with any company news and product releases to get you up to speed on what I’m up to. Additionally, this will help me get to know YOU, the customers. Don’t be afraid to join the conversation, leave comments, or questions for me to answer. To find out a little more about AdBadger visit our about page. To receive an email newsletter, please fill out the opt-in form at the bottom of the page.

Oh, And One More Thing.

My Amazon PPC tool is the only app you’ll need to optimize your Amazon ad campaigns. I want to make it super easy for users to get the most out of their ad bids. That’s why it will automate your keywords, ensure you hit your target ACOS and provide a platform to easily manage your ad campaign so you never have to log into Amazon’s “Sponsored Products” page again. More information on the beta will be shared soon, but for now, sign up to be a part of the launch list. You know you want to.

Badger out.


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