Amazon Weekly Digest – 12/14/2018

Amazon Weekly Digest

What’s up Badger Nation? This is your host, The Badger, providing you with the top Amazon news this week.

Your Amazon Weekly Digest

As a continuation of last week’s digest, we explore the November Amazon PPC numbers further, discuss Amazon’s new product, category, and negative product targeting features, Facebook’s new search ads are now appearing beside e-commerce and automotive-related searches, and how Amazon is extending its free shipping just in time for Christmas.

Amazon Advertising Stats: November 2018 Update

Last week, we looked at a report from Kenshoo about Black Friday and Cyber Monday stats. This week, we release stats from our database. Ad Badger users saw higher average impressions, clicks, and sales compared to October. See all of November’s stats in our new post.

PPC Den: The Advanced Basics of Amazon PPC

We’re rapid firing podcasts. In our newest PPC Den podcast episode, we dive deeper into Amazon PPC’s “advanced basics” for a whopping 34 minutes. Theories around the importance of auto campaigns, search terms, and the research-peel-stick-and-block method are discussed in the fourth episode of the series.

Amazon’s New Product & Category Targeting

Last week we also mentioned Amazon Advertising has rolled out new product and category features, so we included it in our podcast. Brett and Michael go into depth on the new product and category features as well as the new negative product targeting features.

Facebook’s New Search Ads are Currently Appearing Next to e-Commerce and Automotive-Related Searches

Image: Business Insider

Business Insider reports Facebook is trying to take up all the ad space it possibly can to keep Amazon out of the Google-Facebook duopoly. Facebook is implementing search ads on Marketplace linking to third-party sites. The article states, “A small number of automotive, retail, and e-commerce brands are trying out the search ads, but they aren’t advertising against specific keywords. Facebook declined to share screenshots, but the ads include an image, a headline, and a link that directs users to an external website.” As the image suggests, social media is the number one place consumers go online to get inspiration for purchases. I wouldn’t worry too much, the Badger predicts Amazon will prevail.

Amazon Extends Free Shipping Until Dec 18, Announces Christmas Eve Delivery in Select Markets

This one’s for the procrastinators. Amazon will have free, two-hour delivery till the end of Christmas Eve. Prime members in over 10,000 U.S. cities will be able to have free same-day and one-day delivery up until the final days before Christmas. Thank you, Amazon.