12 Free Amazon Features Every Brand Should Be Using! [The PPC Den Podcast]



Mansour Norouzi from Incrementum Digital sits down with Michael to discuss 12 free Amazon features your brand should be using. From Brand stories and profiles, to B2B pricing and marketing, the pair discuss a wide range of free options to help elevate your brand. 

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 What to expect in this episode
  • 6:10 12 Free Amazon Ads Features
  • 6:20 Virtual Bundles
  • 8:40 Posts On Amazon
  • 12:20 Brand Story
  • 15:00 Brand Profiles
  • 16:13 Premium A+ Content
  • 19:18 Brand Referral Bonus
  • 22:30 Customer Engagement
  • 25:57 B2B Pricing
  • 27:26 Customer Reviews
  • 31:25 Managing Experiments
  • 35:42 Using Keywords in Q&A
  • 37:12 Pricing

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